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The journey never ends. Only travelers end. And they too can be prolonged in memory, in memory, in narration. When the traveler sat on the sand of the beach and said, "There's nothing else to see," he knew it was not true. The end of a journey is just the beginning of another. We must see what we have not seen, see again what we have already seen, see in spring what we saw in the summer, see what we saw at night by day, with the sun where the first time it rained, see the green crops, the ripe fruit, the stone that has changed places, the shadow that was not there. We must return to the steps already given, to repeat them, and to trace new paths alongside them. You have to start the journey again. Always
Jose Saramago, Travel to Portugal

I have always been fascinated by the story of Saramago: a book that is above all the story of a journey and of the traveler; a wonderful book that is above all an invitation to get lost rather than find the way. Because, after all, when new places are known, one must also accept to make mistakes, go back and look for less unusual ways. You can not make a better trip.

It is with this spirit that I want to introduce Kanoa, the new portal dedicated to travel and, above all, to the traveler. The web is full of tips, journals and more on how and what to see. We want, instead, with this project to invite you to know the less frequented places, less touristy but, not for this, less beautiful.

The world in a click: it is definitely a challenging project. It would be for anyone. For this reason, we would also like to encourage travel users to participate actively. Through photos, experiences and strange anecdotes. Of course, it would be unthinkable that a site born to tell travels and experiences related to it, do not tell eg Paris, London, Berlin and other large cities. So, I wish good luck to myself and my partner, so that the final result is up to our expectations and those of our future followers.

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