Ibiza Sensations

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Ibiza Sensations

Kanoa offers you Ibiza Sensations, a place where we are sure you will experience emotions that will remain forever in your hearts!

Ibiza is the island of perdition, fashion and transgression; the island where young people or not, they meet every summer to take to the disco.

Recall that in addition to the famous Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia and Space Club, Ushuaia Ibiza has been added a few years ago!

Ushuaia Ibiza Sensations

Wonderful outdoor disco, impossible not to go there!

Sublime and constant audio wherever you are; World famous DJ; incredible special effects and animation of the highest level.

The evenings start in the afternoon, at about 17. Perfect time to enjoy the colors of the Ibizenco sunset.

A mega swimming pool with shallow water and a stage worthy of the best concerts, make Ushuaia one of the best electronic music contests in the world!


La Isla Blanca, in addition to the nights until dawn on the disc, has a lot to offer according to your tastes; in fact, we chose Ibiza to "recommend" one of the absolutely must-do experiences once you get to the island.

Sunset Cafe del Mar

Sensations cafe del mar

What better place than this if not the Cafe del Mar in Ibiza in San Antonio, to get excited.

Whether you are in a couple or with your friends, Kanoa Sensations offers you an aperitif in a truly incredible atmosphere.

If you listen to our advice, we are sure that this experience will awaken unforgettable and indescribable feelings in you;

Let yourself be lulled by the Ibizenco sun which slowly sets in the water; go before 18: finding a free table is very difficult, as it is a must.

Get carried away ... the excellent cocktails and Chill-House music in the background, along with the natural setting of the bay, will do the rest.

In case you can not sit at the Cafe, do not worry ... you can still make your aperitif, leaned on the semi-flat cliff in front of you. You will see that slowly, as the hours pass, even that will fill up!


Open every day from 16 to midnight.

Cafe del Mar is located on Calle Vara de rey 27

For info we advise you to visit the site:

The Sunset at Cafe del Mar is one of the top choices of Kanoa Sensations!

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