Events of August 2017

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Events of August 2017

Best Events of August 2017

In August, events and festivals do not go on holiday. Quite the contrary. Music will be the great protagonist of the month, but there will also be space for numerous initiatives for lovers of good food, wine and beer.

Imagine a city in the middle of the desert that comes alive only a few days a year. Black Rock City is a kind of ghost town, located in the expanse of the Black Rock Desert in the State of Nevada, which every year, for only eight days, is populated by thousands of individuals; a sort of temporary metropolis dedicated to the community, art, self-expression and self-confidence; a place of creativity where everyone is welcome.
In this "no man's land" the Burning Man 2017, an event that, thanks to its characteristics and expression, is unique all over the planet. An incredible event that, over the years, is experiencing enormous success.
Appointment from the 27 August to the 04 September.

Great expectations, too, for Mystery Land, one of the most interesting events of August 2017. A festival in which mystery and creativity find their maximum expression, between fantastic and imaginative scenographies. Incredible art installations, more or less gigantic sculptures adorn the whole scene, in an explosion of lights and colors. And of course the music with the best international artists.
Meet the 26 and 27 August in Haarlemmermeer, near Amsterdam.

We have to wait until the end of the month, to attend one of the most famous and followed events of August 2017. There Tomatina 2017 it's one of those holidays, which you would like to attend at least once in your life. Ready to challenge yourself with tomato shots? Appointment on 30 day in Bunol, about 40 kilometers from Valencia.

Anyone wishing to escape the scorching heat will find great satisfaction in Helsinki, an absolutely enjoyable city at this time of year. The Weekend Festival, at the beginning of the month, it is one of the most anticipated events of August 2017 in all of Finland. Great international guests and fantastic DJ sets await you during the 04 and 05 August.

Puck Fair, falls, in its own right, among the most incredible and absurd events in the world. In a small Irish village, we celebrate the marriage of the most beautiful young woman in the country and ... a goat! If you are in the Killorglin areas, from the 10 to the 12, you are invited to the celebrations. Food and beer to celebrate a fairytale wedding. Have fun with the Puck Fair Killorglin.

Always on the subject of oddities, in Spain there are those who had the brilliant idea of ​​celebrating New Year's Eve in the middle of summer. The 05 August, appointment in the small town of Berchules to toast the new year with the Nochevieja en Berchules.

Among the Festival of August 2017, space also for the Big Capitals. In London and Berlin, two major exhibitions, in the same period (from 04 to 06), will have beer as a protagonist. To the London Craft Beer Festival, you will find great producers, excellent craft beers, great food and good music.
Il Berliner Bierfestival, proposes 344 breweries from 87 countries, with their different 2.400, and unique, labels. And, of course, there will be many stands where you can savor local culinary delicacies, performances and live music.
After the aftermath of the August holidays, it would not be bad to escape in the beautiful Copenhagen. Food as an art form. Workshops, activities, stands and tastings with renowned chefs. From 18 to 27 August, all to the Cooking & Food Festival. And, not to be missed, during the week of August, the Sziget Festival in the beautiful setting of Obuda, in the Hungarian capital

Italy will also be the protagonist with an ancient review. The 16 Agosto, second and last season appointment with the Palio di Siena.

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