Mother's Day

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Emotion3 Mom

On 08 May Day, celebrates Mother's Day, giving a fantastic box set; the best way to amaze and make the person dearest to you happy. The box is the perfect gift because it meets the most diverse needs and, above all, is suitable for all budgets ... and, these days, is an element not to be underestimated.

Thanks to it, you can choose from more than 40 different boxes and over 30.000 selected experiences; all extraordinary and easy to book. An extraordinary and unique way to give ... the priceless joy of being surprised, of being amazed, of being excited. The gift is very easy to use; besides having many proposals to offer, it has some important characteristics:

  • Validity from 12 to 16 months from purchase.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Choice between box FREE SHIPPING, or ELECTRONIC GOOD sent by email (excellent in the case of last-minute gifts).
  • Possibility to change the box.

As mentioned, the choice is quite varied: Stay simple, Wellness, Gourmet, Wellness + Relax, Sport, Taste, Express a Desire, Special Moments. To find the offer that best suits your needs, take a look at the following link: Emozione3 - Give a moment of Wellness and Relaxation. There really is something for all tastes and all budgets.

Also available are the brand new and exclusive caskets of the Magic Emozioni line! An elegant graphic, a revolutionary format and new extraordinary contents, to let live even more unforgettable emotions.

A degree, a wedding, an anniversary, or just to amaze: every excuse is good! Let alone for Mother's Day: better opportunity could not really be there!

If this is not enough, add us ... A FANTASTIC DISCOUNT OF 10% on the whole list without even a minimum of expense. It starts from just 19,99 €, that is, less than 18 € taking advantage of our discount. You can not really miss this opportunity ....


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