Most livable cities in the world

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Mercer, a multinational consulting firm, has also drawn up the ranking of the most livable cities in the world for 2015, taking into consideration 230 major cities from all over the world (by extension and population).

The ranking is written, every year, taking into account 10 parameters: political and social environment, economic climate, socio-cultural climate, health, school and education, transport and public services, leisure, consumer products, cost of housing and environment .

From the data emerged, the most liveable cities in the world are in order Vienna, Zurich and Auckland, while the country and continent where you live best are Germany (which includes well 5 city in the first 20 positions, and others close to it) and the Europe.
The podium has been confirmed for several years, while the exclusion from the Top Ten of the Australian Melbourne (for two years in first place, and now slipped to 16a position) is quite curious. Our Rome and Milan are quite far from the top positions, with the Lombard city (better than the competitor from the political, economic, social and transport) to the 41 position and the Capital even to the 51!

After Europe, among the Continents, Oceania stands out with 5 city in the first 21 positions, while among the countries of North America, Canada counts well 5 city in the first 28 places of this special ranking: Vancouver, fourth place overall, and then in succession Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Calcary. In Latin America, Montevideo and Buenos Aires dominate, even if they are far from the top positions (78a is the Capital of Uruguay and 91a is the Argentine city).

Dubai (75a) and Abu Dhabi (83a) are the most livable cities in the Middle East, and Port Louis, capital of Mauritius (82a) is the best in Africa. Singapore, on the other hand, stands out from Singapore at 28 and Tokyo at 40a.

And the worst? Baghdad occupies the last position in the standings!

Here, below, the top 20:

19 STOCKHOLM - Sweden

19 LUXEMBOURG - Luxembourg

16 HAMBURG - Germany


16 MELBOURNE - Australia

16 OTTAWA - Canada

15 TORONTO - Canada

14 BERLIN - Germany

BERN'S 13 - Switzerland

12 WELLINGTON - New Zealand

11 AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands

10 SIDNEY - Australia

09 COPENHAGEN - Denmark

seen from the church of our redeemer

08 GENEVA - Switzerland

07 FRANKFURT - Germany

06 DÜSSELDORF - Germany

05 VANCOUVER - Canada

04 MUNICH - Germany


03 AUCKLAND - New Zealand

02 ZURICH - Switzerland

01 VIENNA - Austria


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