How to Change Air Ticket

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how to change air ticket

Traveling, it's amazing. There are no doubts. Know and discover new places. Learn history and tradition of other countries and peoples. Return to the beloved places ... Often, however, the unexpected is around the corner. Mishaps, intended to change our programs.

And it could happen that you have to give up your trip forever, with the result of losing some money.

Those who have taken out travel insurance are certainly advantaged. This does not mean, however, that they manage to recover all the amount spent. Travel insurances often have several limitations.

Deleting a hotel reservation is often easy and free. Booking, leader in the sector, offers, in many cases, the possibility of canceling a reservation up to 48 hours before departure. Really great. Almost different situation, however, regarding the plane.

One of the most troubling questions for travelers is how to change airline tickets. Or, more correctly, if it is possible to change air tickets. There is no single answer. It is a universal rule that by purchasing a refundable ticket you can change your ticket at any time before checking in.

It is possible to change air tickets, even if you have purchased a ticket at an economic rate. The methods vary depending on the individual airline. The possibilities are many. Among these: the sudden change of name; time and destination of your reservation. What we strongly recommend is to check in online, just in case you were really sure of the departure; or, at least, up to 24 hours before the flight, in order to be in time for any changes.



All the info to change your flight. The company policy different rates based on the time before departure is the seasonality. You will always be able to change the time, date, flight route and names.

Easyjet also provides for the free modification of the name in case of misspellings. Read more.


Cancellation. Change names, date, time, route and itinerary. The company also provides the very useful "Flight Advance" option, completely free in the case of the PREMIUM tariff. This and other information, available at this link.

Travel with RyanAir


The Irish company is quite stiff in case you want to change your plane ticket. In particular, in high season. Often, changing may require a larger payment than buying a new ticket!

The "Missed Departure" option is rather interesting. Solution available for passengers arriving at the airport, at the ticket office, up to one hour after the departure of the flight, to move on to the next available flight. This and other info, from here.


The possibilities for changing air tickets depend mainly on the fare purchased. Any change you want to make (date, itinerary, name or other), you will always be charged the DIFFERENCE OF PRICE (price of the flight at the time of modification, minus the price of the ticket purchased). All info and costs, from this link.


The change depends on the fare purchased. Generally, by purchasing a BASIC ticket, you have to pay a supplement. There are, however, also some interesting options before buying tickets at an economic rate.

Anyone wishing to change Vueling airfare, in any case, must always match the price difference. Info and costs from here.

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