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Travel app

Smartphones and Tablets are now, to all intents and purposes, an integral part of our existence. Before leaving, you may have forgotten your ID, your suitcase or even .... your wife. But it is almost impossible that you have forgotten your smartphone.

Here, then, some of the best travel apps that should never miss on our smartphone. Because, it could happen to anyone to be in a foreign country and have little familiarity with the language. Or, do not know how to get to a restaurant that we had the address.

Here you are, therefore, the list of Travel Apps that, we believe, can be really indispensable.

Google Maps

Probably, you'll find it already beautiful and ready on your device. If not, install it. Whether you are about to travel or not. Top travel app with lots of strengths, developed by the giant Google Inc.

Offline maps to consult without connection. Information IN REAL TIME on public transport: tram, bus, metro .... Detailed information on over 100 million activities. Detailed and accurate maps of more than 200 countries and much more.

Google Translate

One of those apps that needs no introduction. At the moment it translates simgolas words, phrases and entire pages. Free, requires an internet connection. An essential travel app especially if you are unfamiliar with the local language.


One of the most downloaded and appreciated travel apps in the world. Developed by, thanks to this application you can book your property in real time and without risk. Look for the perfect accommodation for any trip, vacation anywhere in the world! For each booking, you will have immediate confirmation, digital check-in and off-line maps. An intuitive, easy-to-use app is very stable.


Regarding the flight search, it is the best ever. Available in 30 different languages ​​is a must among the Travel apps and is free. Find and compare flight prices quickly and easily. By activating Price Alerts, you will receive a free notification whenever the price of the affected flight changes.

My Currency

Are you on holiday in England, Denmark or another country where you are not familiar with the local currency?

With My Currency you will no longer have problems. Essential travel app that allows you to convert, in real time, over 180 world currencies! In addition, many functions. Calculator. Daily, weekly and annual chart of currencies compared. Available in the Free version. Requires internet connection but also works offline (with the latest conversion rate downloaded).

Planes Live

A simple and powerful application that allows you to watch airplanes in every corner of the world online and in REAL TIME! With Planes Live you can get updated flight information instantly. You can see if the flight you are interested in is on time, or late. Essential and intuitive interface. Free.

3B Weather

What will you wear to leave to discover your city? 3B Weather is an excellent, concise and no-frills app that provides detailed and fairly accurate weather forecasts; especially within a couple of days. Essential graphics. An app that should not be missed, especially because it's free.


Developed by Moovit App Global LTD, it is at the top of the Public Transport Applications, with over 50 million users in around 1200 city. Accurate and detailed information on public transport with changes to timetables and routes of public operators. Many functions: you can save one or more lines in your favorites, receiving the info you need in one click. Easy, intuitive and free.

Packing (+ TO DO!)

The travel app number 1 in Canada and one of the most used in the States. In the National Geographic 20 Top in the Travel App category. This would be enough to explain the reason why it is worth spending one euro for the purchase of Packing (+ TO DO). Totally customizable can be modified according to your needs, it will be your faithful ally when you need to pack! Absolutely to try


It can be considered a sort of free GPS navigator, alternative to the more noble and paid ones. With Waze you can share real-time information on traffic and road conditions. You can also find the cheapest petrol station along the way. It's free but to work requires an internet connection.


Developed by Intelligent Apps GmbH, it will, in all likelihood, be your loyal travel app. Free app, among the most downloaded and appreciated by users. Thanks to it, you can quickly order your taxi, follow it and pay for it. All from the comfort of ... app.

It works in certain cities. In Germany, the most nourished list: Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and others. In Spain it is active for Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville and Valencia. And, again, Milan, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna ... The list is constantly growing.

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