Angelina Single

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Angelina Single. Possible ?? You are dreaming?? Well, apparently, it seems so. The most loved diva of the big screen returns to the market. So what are you waiting for?

Kanoa is on your side. For this reason, we give you the mobile number to contact you: xxxxxxxxx *

Put a little cash in your wallet, prepare your suitcase and the best clothes. No ... not that of 15's marriage years ago. With the belly you find yourself, now, you will hardly be able to wear it. The gel ?? You probably lost all your hair. It matters little: they say that today peeled tomatoes go out of fashion! And then, Angelina will certainly want to change gender.

"She was married to that old man first. That actor with a curious name. Then she moved on to that handsome Brad Pitt. Now he will surely want someone you know completely opposite. Someone like me " you'll be thinking.

Run in the bank. The card ceiling must be increased. You do not want to invite Angelina Jolie from Burger King or McDonald's?

Angelina Single. You will already be gloating. In the office there is only talk of the divorce of the century. Now you just have to prepare the ground for your romantic escape to Los Angeles.

The plane, first of all. Search from here for the most advantageous offer. Then, you must become familiar with English. Yes, you, who have always refused to learn a language that was different from your dialect. You who in middle and high schools considered the 4 in report card in Italian as a conquest! Surely you will have a mobile phone. Then you can download google translate.

Then, all that remains is to book the hotel. Leave it alone, exhausting research. Kanoa wants to help you and has selected only luxurious facilities for you. Ideal to break through and hit your femme fatale right to the heart. From this link, the best 5 star hotels at the best price.

angelina single

Only one last major problem remains. The most difficult. THE WIFE.

Here: "Dear, I have to go to Los Angeles for a few weeks. I have to close an important deal ".
The wife: "Youuuu? But if you sell caciotta and salami, what bargain should you ever close in Los Angeles? You that to do 100 kilometers by car you have brought along tranquilizers, antioxidants, energizing ... You who never took the plane .... "

You could even tell her that they just signed you up for a part in an American movie.
"The Uruk-Kai in the Lord of the Rings have already cast them" it's the sarcastic response of your spouse.

Do not give up. Angelina Single. Your thoughts are all projected towards her.

Do not give up. Kanoa is rooting for you.

"Fuck, but I'm not married".
Even better. You just have to go to the head and get two weeks off.
You deserve it. You're fucking like crazy.
And instead the boss does not grant it to you.
Fuck you. Fuck you. You curse.
It does not matter. You will surely find something better.

And leave. Flights to Los Angeles. Because Angelina Single awaits you. Somewhere overseas. That's where he waits for the man in his life. It might be you.

Or maybe, it could just be an opportunity to discover a beautiful city. And if you followed our advice to the letter, do not worry. In the worst case you could find yourself with a few thousand euros in a passive, one less work but ... a truly unforgettable journey.

Have a good trip from and good luck with

Angelina Single

* Unfortunately the number has been darkened for privacy reasons.

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