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AirItaly is born

Important new arrivals in terms of flights arrive. Meridiana Fly, an Italian company founded in 1963, officially becomes AirItaly, and is ready to become the reference carrier in Italy. With the stated goal of reaching 4 million passengers within the next 10 years!

The challenge to Alitalia is therefore a match. And, there is a bet that the new airline will not have all the cards on the table to become the Italian company of reference.

With the new plan, Alisarda, previously the sole shareholder, will hold the 51%, maintaining the majority percentage. Qatar Airways, on the other hand, will have 49%. This is an extraordinary turning point for Meridiana. Above all in consideration of the known financial vicissitudes of the last times.

The investments are quite evident. Starting from the fleet. In the next five years AirItaly will have a fleet of 50 new aircraft. Twenty Boeing 737-Max 8 for all short and medium range connections; 30 Boeing 787-Dreamliner for intercontinental flights.

The network will be significantly strengthened. And Milan Malpensa will have a primary strategic role, becoming the hub of the new AirItaly. Right from Milan Malpensa, in September 2018, 4 direct weekly connections with Bangkok will be guaranteed.

Not all AirItaly news have been unveiled. By the end of the 2018, three further long-haul links will be unveiled; while, the following year, a new long-haul route will be inaugurated, departing from Rome. In order to improve connections, the strengthening of short-range connections is also envisaged.
Good news also in the workplace. Thanks to the new business plan, the improvement of services and, above all, the upgrading of the workforce is expected.

Of course, pending further developments, the official sundial site continues to be operational. Furthermore, on the official website you can continue to purchase and book your flights. Practical information about the company, still remain perfectly valid and can be found in our special section dedicated to the company.

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