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New York it is unique, immense: one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world; in practice it is as if this city never sleeps, a favorite destination for many travelers. Many have tried to imitate it, but nobody will ever be able to recreate the charm that it exerts on the world. You will find yourself in front of world-famous museums, large statues, immense buildings, great excesses; this is the city of ideas and dreams that often become reality, as well as the cradle of fashions and trends that spread throughout the rest of the world.

The New York territory stands on an area of ​​1214 km² at the mouth of the Hudson River, extending partly on land and partly on islands (Manhattan, Staten Island and Long Island), in the so-called New York Bay

In New York a multitude of different ethnic groups coexist; since its inception (remember that the history of New York began in 1524 with the arrival of the Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano in the upper bay, today Bay of New York) has welcomed migrants from all over the world, some of them, with the years have made this city famous, and perhaps the whole country.

The City of New York is divided into five large Districts (called Boroughs): Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island.


Manhattan (picture above), it is undoubtedly the most famous district and with the greatest concentration of tourist attractions; to visit this district, divided into Uptown, Midrown and Downtown, a week may not be enough!

Manhattan is an island where most of the "American icons" are concentrated: Times Square, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, the shopping street par excellence 5th Avenue, Central Park, Ellis Island (Statue of Liberty); these are just some of the iconic attractions or places in New York.


columbus park brooklyn

Brooklyn it is the most populous district, with more than 2.6 million inhabitants. Its name derives from the city Breukelen, in the Netherlands, from which it was influenced. Not just Holland: from Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, Puerto Rican, Jewish, Jamaican, and other cultures, and Brooklyn has drawn, and draws inspiration.

Thanks to one retraining started a few years ago, today in Brooklyn live celebrities, artists, musicians, giving prestige to the district and, consequently, contributing in recent years to revive the whole area; here, you can visit numerous museums, exhibitions and art galleries, and you will also find many craft workshops, clubs, pubs, restaurants and shops.

quenns skyline

Queens (photo above), it is located east of Manhattan and above Brooklyn; is the second most populous district in New York City, as well as the largest with its 283 square Km, and is well known for its sportiv events: above all, the New York Marathon, which also runs through this area.


The Bronx (photo above) is part of New York from the 1874; compared to nearby Manhattan, from which it is separated from the Harlem, it is less populous but larger, with its square 109km. The name is due to the Dutchman, Swiss by birth, Jonas Bronck who bought the entire area in the distant 1639 from the Indians. in 70 years the Bronx was an uninhabitable place, in which the high rate of unemployment and extreme poverty, led to crime and the use of drugs. Over the years, this label has characterized a large series of films, of which the district has been a real protagonist. A movie about everyone? Well, Bronx Tale, by De Niro, undoubtedly!

Do not miss: Little Italy (the real one), lo Yankee Stadium, New York Botanical Garden, Bay Plaza Shopping Center.


Staten Island (photo above) it is the least populated district, but, also for this reason, the most livable thanks to the many green spaces; most tourists take the free boat from South Manhattan to Staten Island to see the profile of Manhattan on the horizon.


New York has three Airports; of these, the JFK it is the busiest. The offer of the Global Airlines is very wide, so that, arriving today in New York is no longer a drain, indeed, by booking in advance you may find advantageous rates. From Italy, in particular Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa, there are daily direct connections with Alitalia, while from Naples Meridiana it makes flights to New York; then there are the US Airlines like American, Delta, United, US Airways, which offer flights all year round regularly, with a very good quality standard.

A great way to save money on the price is to make a stop at one of the main airports where they operate, for example, British Airways, Lufthansa, or Iberia; the only drawback is to extend the duration of the trip!


Il John F Kennedy International Airport it is 24 km from Midtown Manhattan in southeastern Queens, and is the point of arrival for most international flights.

Recently, JFK has been the subject of major refurbishment and connection to the subway through theAirTrain link.


La Guardia airport It is located in northern Queens, located at 13 km from Manhattan and is mainly served by domestic flights. If your flight should arrive or leave in the middle of the day, La Guardia is a better choice than the JFK.


The Newark Liberty Airport, is located in New Jersey, 16 km west of Manhattan. Links to Newark are generally cheaper, as this airport is erroneously considered less accessible than the previous two.

Newark it has a large and very new international arrivals terminal, and its four terminals are connected by a monorail transport system.


How to reach Manhattan from the 3 Airports:

If you arrive at the JFK you can reach Manhattan by taxi: there is a flat fare for the JFK - Manhattan transfer, which is $ 52 (excluding tips), plus the cost of road tolls that the route to the center provides, for a total of about $ 75-80.

Without a doubt it is the most convenient solution, but it is also the most expensive. To save money, we recommend the route AIRTRAIN JFK + METROPOLITAN. In this way you will cut down the costs!

TheAirTrain JKF it is an automatic train that connects the airport terminals to the first available underground stops, that is Jamaica e Howard Beach, from where you can take the metro that takes you into the city center.
From the station Jamaica you will find the line E (towards midtown Manhattan), and the line Jwhile from the stop Howard Beach part A line towards Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

The cost of the transfer is $ 5 (AirTrain JFK) + the cost of the subway (single ride $ .2.50); depending on your destination, journey times may exceed 60 minutes.

Another way to reach the center is book a shuttle service to / from the airport. Ci are different companies, among which we report the NYC AIRPORTER, an official operator, who at 17 $ only takes you downtown to Manhattan, offering an excellent service; for info on this shuttle service click here.

For those arriving at the Newark airport, the most comfortable solution is represented by the shuttles offered by NYC Airporter, quick and efficient; go up and down directly at the airport, with ample space for all the luggage and optimizing the time, at the cost of 27 $.

For info on the shuttle service click here.

The taxi is definitely very expensive, around $ 100.

For those arriving at the airport The guard, you can opt for public transport, saving up a lot: take it the AirTrain to Jamaica, then the subway to Jamaica Heights, then the Q33 bus, for a cost of around $ 8,9.
Definitely uncomfortable and risky in terms of time.
Kanoa recommends a shuttle service like the one offered by NYC Airporter, which for 14 $! takes you directly to the airport, without too many thoughts about schedules, connections and luggage.

For info on the shuttle service click here.

The taxi here is affordable, costs around $ 30, tips not included.

If you are looking for detailed information on AirTrain, rignaro prices and timetables you can consult the official website:

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