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Thanks to an efficient system that connects every corner of the city, moving around Naples is really simple and intuitive.


Naples - metropolitan network map

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Line 1 and the 6 Line, managed by ANM, make up the current metropolitan city system. The 1 line connects the city center with the hilly area of ​​Vomero, the hospital area, and the suburbs. It is the best way to get around Naples. Inaugurated in the 1993, it has a length of 18 kilometers and a total of 18 stations. In the future, the connection with the airport and the Central Railway Station is planned. The 6 line, consists of only 4 stations, poorly used, connects the districts of Fuorigrotta and Mergellina.

One of the characteristic elements of the metro is the presence of the Art Stations. A project that, in fact, has transformed the stations into real exhibition spaces with around 200 works by 100 among the most prestigious contemporary authors. The construction of the same stations, entrusted to internationally renowned architects, represented a moment of strong requalification of vast areas of the urban fabric. Garibaldi, University, Town Hall, Toledo, Dante, Museum, Materdei, Salvator Rosa, Four Days, Vanvitelli and Rione Alto, are the stations of the 1 Line where you will find the exhibition routes. The 4 stations of the 6 Line are all Stations of the Art.

The 1 line is active every day, including holidays, from 06: 00 to 23: 00 approximately, with a frequency of 8 minutes at peak times and up to 15 / 20 in the evening hours. In August, the frequency is around 12 / 15 minutes during peak times. Friday and Saturday, the closing is postponed 01: 30 approximately.


The so-called Subway FS, is an important railway line that connects the western suburbs (Bagnoli) with the east (San Giovanni - Barra). It crosses the key points of the city center, such as Fuorigrotta, Mergellina, Piazza Amedeo, Montesanto, Piazza Cavour and Piazza Garibaldi. It is managed by Ferrovie dello Stato.

The railway Circumflegrea instead it connects the center of Naples with the north-western area of ​​the city, the flegrean localities Licola and Cuma, in the municipality of Pozzuoli. It has a length of about 27 km and a total of 15 stations. The terminus is Montesanto and Torregaveta; the latter, is a fraction of Bacoli.

The railway Cumana it is a railway line that connects the center of Naples with Pozzuoli and the Phlegraean coast. It has the same terminus as the previous one, presenting a different route and stations. Cumana and Circumflegrea are managed by the EAV company.


4 are the funiculars in the city: Centrale, Chiaia, Mergellina e Montesanto. Three of these are connected to the 1 Line at Piazza Vanvitelli. Here, in detail, the individual stops:

  • CENTRAL: Piazza Fuga (near P.zza Vanvitelli) - Petraio (Via Palizzi) - Corso V.Emanuele - Piazzetta Duca d'Aosta (near Piazza del Plebiscito and Galleria Umberto).
  • CHIAIA: Cimarosa (near P.zza Vanvitelli) - Palazzolo (Via Palizzi) - Corso V.Emanuele - Parco Margherita
  • MERGELLINA: Manzoni - Angelina Park - San Gioacchino - Sant'Antonio - Mergellina.
  • MONTESANTO: Morghen (near P.zza Vanvitelli) - Corso V.Emanuele - Montesanto.

A trip by funicular is a real glimpse of incomparable beauty. Try taking a ride on the Mergellina funicular, from the top of Manzoni, to get a truly unrivaled panoramic viewpoint. Seeing is believing.

move to Naples

Montesanto funiculars are active every day, from 07: 00 to 22: 00 with runs every 10 minutes.


Buses and trams are an excellent solution to reach the peripheral destinations and all those areas that can not be reached by the underground and the funiculars. Night lines run after midnight, up to 05: 30. 8 urban night lines are active (from N1 to N8) within the municipality of Naples and 4 suburban lines.


The choice is really wide and subjective. Unico-Campania manages the integrated tariff system, however, those wishing to travel in only one vehicle will be able to purchase the ticket for the relative company.

Generally, to move around Naples and visit the main attractions, the 1 Line and the funiculars are sufficient. With ANM tickets you can use both, in addition to buses and trams.

The integrated ticket, called TIC, is useful, however, if you do not want to limit your holiday to the city alone, moving, for example, to Pozzuoli, Pompeii is so on.

Il single travel ticket ANM, it is worth 60 minutes and can be used for a single trip on 1 Line, funiculars, buses and trams. Costa 1,10 €. The ANM day ticket, costs 3,50 € and allows unlimited travel on 1 Line, funiculars, buses and trams, during the day when it has been validated. The weekly ticket, however, is valid from Monday to Sunday, for unlimited travel on the same vehicles; costs 12,00 €.

The NAPOLI TIC, however, is valid on all the means to / from Naples, including the 2 Line, the Cumana and the Circumflegrea. The TIC NAPLES 90 MINUTES, allows you to make unlimited runs on 90 minutes on buses and a ride on the funicular and metro, within the municipality of Naples; costs 1,60 €. The NAPLES TIC DAILY costs 4,50 €, and allows you to make unlimited travel on all the means to move to Naples, until midnight on the day of validation. The NAPLES TIC 7 DAYS, allows unlimited travel on all vehicles within the municipality of Naples, for seven consecutive days; costs 16,00 €. Tickets are valid for travel in the urban area of ​​Naples. To move in the neighboring municipalities from / to Naples, you have to buy the ICT based on the arrival / departure area. Further info, on the official website, from this link.

CAMPANIA ARTECARDinstead, it is the ideal solution that combines transport and attractions. Available in 3 or 7 days, it offers access to numerous sites and museums, discounts, and unlimited travel on all vehicles for the chosen period. The 3 days version, for Naples, costs 21,00 € for adults over 25 and 12,00 € for kids from 18 to 25 years. The REGIONAL version from 3 days costs 32,00 € for the 25 over, and even 34,00 € in the 7 days version: ideal to discover the wonders of the Region like Pompeii and Herculaneum! Info, and purchases, from this link.

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