Getting around Mykonos by public transport. Info, Schedules, Tickets

Getting around Mykonos

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The Greek Mykonos KTEL SA manages the rubber service inside the island. Contrary to what one might think, moving to Mykonos by public transport is anything but a utopia. Taxis, and especially cars and scooters for hire, represent, in any case, the most popular solution

Shot of Mykonos Town

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Buses are quite frequent and connect the most important areas of the island: port, airport, villages and the most famous beaches. The fleet consists of 26 vehicles and a total of three lines with departures from different points on the island. The longest route takes about 30 minutes.

The 1 line mainly serves the central area of ​​Mykonos. The departure station is located at Fabrika Square, near the beginning of the pedestrian zone. Perform service in the following destinations: airport Platis Yalos, Ornos, Agios Yannis, Paradise beach, Paranga. The 2 line starts from the north Old Port, where the north pedestrian area begins. Stop a Kalafatis, Elijah, Kalo Livadi, Ano Mera, Panormos. The 3 line starts from the marina, with destinations Agios Stefanos, Tourlos, new port.

Frequencies are generally not exceptional: you switch from 20 / 30 minutes at peak times, about an hour late in the evening and to less frequented destinations. In high season, there is really the risk of not finding space, considering the number of vacationers.

For some nightlife destinations, such as Paradise Beach, there are scheduled trips until late at night. Here, below, the schedules of the main routes:

FABRIKA - AIRPORT - NEW PORT. From Fabrika, first race at 09: 00 and last race at 19: 15. Frequency of 30 '. From New Port, first race at 10: 30, and last run at 18: 00. The bus takes about 10 minutes to make the journey from Fabrika Square to the airport.

FABRIKA - PARADISE. From Fabrika, 07: 15 | 09: 15 | 10: 15 | from 10: 45, every half hour up to 22: 15 | 23: 15 | 00: 15 | 01: 15 | 02: 15 | 03: 15 | 04: 15. From Paradise, 07: 30 | 09: 30 | 10: 30 | from 11: 00, every half hour up to 22: 30 | 23: 30 | 00: 30 | 01: 30 | 02: 30 | 03: 30 | 04: 30

FABRIKA - PARAGUE. From Fabrika, from 09: 15 (first race) to 01: 15 (last race) with departures every hour. From Paraga, from 09: 30 (first race) to 01: 30 (last race) with departures every hour.

FABRIKA - PLATY GIALO. From Fabrika, 07: 50 | 09: 00 | from 09: 30 every half hour up to 01: 30 | 02: 00 | 03: 00. From Platy Gialo, 08: 00 | 09: 10 | from 09: 40 every half hour up to 01: 40 | 02: 10 | 03: 10.

OLD PORT - PARADISE. From Old Port, 10: 30 | 11: 30 | 12: 30 | 16: 00 | 17: 00. From Paradise, 11: 00 | 12: 00 | 13: 00 | 16: 30 | 17: 30.

OLD PORT - PANORMOS. From Old Port, 10: 30 | 11: 30 | 13: 30 | 15: 30 | 17: 30. From Panormos, 11: 00 | 12: 00 | 14: 00 | 16: 00 | 18: 00.

Info and updates are available on the official website


Travel tickets are purchased directly on board the vehicle, paying exclusively for cash. The fare varies depending on the route and the distance of the journey. Generally, it ranges from a minimum of € 1,00 to a maximum of € 2,50 per person. There are no discounts for minors. There is no doubt that buses represent the most economical solution for moving around Mykonos.


Move to Mykonos

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The fact that the island is not particularly extensive, makes it absolutely feasible to hire a scooter. The car, on the other hand, is the ideal solution for families. If you had to opt for the car, we recommend renting a small car, because it is more convenient to park. In the evening, or during the day, especially in the high season, finding a parking space can become a real undertaking. To rent a car, we recommend that you use our official page from which it is possible to compare the main rental agencies. You can choose category, accessories and features.

For the scooter, however, you can arrange directly on site. Mykonos, is full of offices that rent scooters or quads; prices are differentiated according to seasonality.
June-September low season: from 9 to 12 euro per day;
July middle season: from 10 to 15 euro per day;
August high season: from 13 to 20 euro per day

Please note that in case of weekly rental, flat-rate discounts will be applied to be decided together with the rental office. Better to opt for a displacement of at least 125cc: the slopes of the island could be prohibitive for an 50cc.

Cars or scooters are the best solution for those who want to move around Mykonos in comfort without being subject to public transport.


The Taxi, on the island is quite requested, especially at night, on return from the discos; the station is at the port of Chora. Please note that taxis do not have a meter: depending on your destination, there are fixed fares. It must be said that, in general, taxis are not expensive. For short trips, if you are in a group, you could even pay a couple of euros per person. Our advice is to try to deal with the price. In this way, you could have a valid alternative with which to move around Mykonos.


Another means of transport is the Gulet that allows you to move from one part of the island to another: it is a taxi-boat that takes you on the beaches to the South-West. For info on timetables and tickets, you can go to Mykonos town port; the frequency varies depending on the season and weather conditions.

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