Move to San Gimignano
Info on how to move in San Gimignano by public transport, bus, car, bike




In the city center you can move easily on foot. The main sites and places of interest are all concentrated within the historic center.

A valid solution to move in San Gimignano and in the surrounding areas is the scooter or even the bike. There is also a public transport service, quite efficient, active all year round.


In the city, there are two urban lines that operate for the historic center, called Citybus. Both lines are owned by the Municipality. Buses are a great way to get around the city from the city center.

The 1 line is active all year round, including Sundays and holidays, with Le Mosse - Santa Lucia Borgo itinerary. It works, on weekdays, from 08: 05 to 20: 00 around Santa Lucia, and from 08: 05 to 20: 02 in the opposite direction. Sundays and holidays, from 08: 25 to 19: 25.
The 2 Line, on the other hand, operates from the car parks to the city center, and is active from March to the end of October.

The buses are perfectly accessible to disabled people and those with reduced mobility, thanks to the provided platform.

The ticket for one trip costs 0.75 €. The ticket valid for the whole day, costs 1.50 €. Tickets can be purchased directly on board the vehicle, without any surcharge.


Near the historic center there are three large parking areas with a total availability of over 700 seats.
The Giubileo car park, south of Piazza Duomo, is the largest and cheapest of the three, with a cost of € 1.50 per hour, up to a maximum of € 6.00 for the day. The other parking areas charge € 2.00 per hour of parking. Giubileo is about one kilometer away from Piazza Duomo.
In all areas you will find the appropriate machines to pay; they accept cash, debit cards and the main credit cards.

Leave the car, continue on foot, to move in San Gimignano in complete tranquility.


Not far from the parking of San Gimignano, you will find an agency to book bikes, scooters and other vehicles. You can explore the beautiful surroundings and admire the landscapes, with all the charm of moving around San Gimignano on two wheels.

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