Getting around in Plovdiv

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Getting around in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, by taxi, car, bus and on foot. Practical info

With an almost intact historical center and numerous areas off-road, Plovdiv is ideally visited on foot. Buses and taxis, on the other hand, are ideal solutions for medium-haul distances and to reach the modern city and the suburbs.


For many, the ideal way to get around in Plovdiv. Taxis are easily identifiable; generally, yellow, with four well-marked digits, such as 6155.

There are several companies operating in the city and, therefore, we advise you to check the price in advance. Generally, the fare for a ride to the center should cost around 5.00BGN, with a price of about 1.00BGN for each kilometer traveled.


The best solution for those wishing to move to Plovdiv, spending little.
Buses are active every day, from morning until late in the evening, after the 21: 00.
Tickets can be purchased directly on board the vehicle, at the cost of 1.00BGN per single journey.
By bus, you can move between the center and the modern part of the city, reaching the outlying areas.

Move to Plovdiv


Undisciplined. Reckless. Inattentive. Driving in Bulgaria and especially in Plovdiv could be a problem.
So, better avoid using the car to move to Plovdiv, opting for buses or, alternatively, a healthy walk.
If you arrive in the city with your own car, we advise you to leave it at your facility or in a parking area. Trimomtsium is an excellent area for exploring the center of Plovdiv, located at ul. Kapitan Raycho Nikolov "2.

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