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Move around Menorca

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Anyone who thinks that the car can be the only way to travel around Menorca is in a big mistake. You can tour the island, and visit the main points of interest, using efficient public transport.

Carretera Alaior in Cala En Porter image

Photo, 2015 Franco Vannini


Transportes Menorca (TMSA), manages the transport on the Island. The company operates with a fleet of 27 buses, for a total of 16 routes. The rather efficient buses are on duty all year round, carrying over 1.300.000 passengers! They represent, really, an excellent solution to move around Menorca, at low costs.

In Mahon, the Capital, there is the main bus station. From here, numerous lines depart for the main points of interest on the island, including the 1 LINE to Ciutadella, on the other side of the island.

Here are the operating lines throughout the year, with the travel time of the entire journey:

  • 01-Mahon-Ciutadella (60 ').
  • 02-Mahon-Es Castell (15 ').
  • 03-Mahon-Sant Lluis (15 ').
  • 14-Bus Exprés Mahon-Ciutadella (45 ').
  • 18-Mahon-Instituts Bintaufa (10 ').
  • 21-Mahon-Sant Climent (10 ').
  • 31-Mahon-Cala en Porter (25 ').
  • 33-Cala en Porter-Alaior (15 ').
  • 54-Es Migjorn Gran-Ferreries (15 ').
  • 73-Mahon-Alaior-Es Migjorn Gran (30 ').
  • 75-Es Migjorn Gran-Es Mercadal (15 ').

Here, however, is the list of other active lines from May to October:

  • 22-Mahon-Canutelles (25 ').
  • 24-Mahon-Sa Mesquida (20 ').
  • 32-Mahon-Son Bou (25 ').
  • 51-Mahon-Cala Galdana (50 ').
  • 52-Ciutadella-Cala Galdana (35 ').
  • 53-Ferreries-Cala Galdana (15 ').
  • 71-Mahon-Sant Tomàs (45 ').
  • 72-Ciutadella-Sant Tomàs (60 ').
  • 91-Mahon-Alcalfar-S'Algar (25 ').
  • 92-Mahon-Sant Lluis-Punta Prima (25 ').
  • 93-Mahon-Sant Lluis-Binibèquer (20 ').

Buses, in general, are active from 06: 00 in the morning, up to 23: 55, during the seasonal period (May-October).


Two special bus lines allow you to move around Minorca by public transport, even during night time. Buses, called BUS NIT, service from 23: 00 to 06: 00 approximately.

The Sant Lluis-Ciutadella line, also stops at Es Castell - Mahon - Estc. Marítima i - Alaior Polies. - Alaior - Center - Es Mercadal - Ferreries - Plaza Pinos. The travel time is about 100 minutes. The frequency is 120 '.

The Es Migjorn Gran - Ferreries - Ciutadella line (Plaza Pinos) operates exclusively in the three stops, with a travel time of 25 minutes.


I ordinary tickets, more the single trip, you can buy directly on board the vehicle, from the driver. Cash payment of the exact amount is required. The price varies depending on the distance of the trip. You go from a minimum of € 1,25 for the connection, for example, Mahon - Es Murtar or Sa Mesquida, to a maximum of € 5,10 for a trip from the Capital to Ciutadella, or vice versa.

Anyone wishing to travel around Minorca by bus can save money on paper T-GENERAL. The Blue Card is available in the version T10 (for ten trips) e T40 (40 trips), each for three zones.

In this case, in fact, the tariff system is based on the zones and the number of jumps (the passage from one area to another). The T10, from 0 jumps, costs 11,45 €; indicated for those who want to stay in the same area. The T10 from 2 jumps costs, instead, 35,60 €, and allows you to move without problems, for the whole island.

By purchasing a valid travel ticket, you can use FREE for 24 hours, the WI-FI line available on all TMSA vehicles. Simply connect to the line GOWEXWiFi and register for free.

How to move around Menorca


Few people know that Menorca boasts an excellent cycling network. The bike, is the ideal way to discover corners and remote places of the beautiful island. Thanks to TMSA, you can also reach the other part of the island, without having to cross its main road (Me-1).

In fact, from Monday to Friday, an extra service is exclusively on the EXPRESS 14 Mahon-Ciutadella line. The bikes will be arranged on a special trailer, with a maximum capacity of 14 bicycles. To use the service, payment of 2,00 € per bike is required. The service is only available with 06 races: 45 and 14: 20 from Mahon, and 08: 00 and 15: 20 from Ciutadella.


The most convenient way to get around Minorca is definitely the car, of which we recommend the quote rental, directly from the airport.

Being an island, often, many tourists tend to think that the scooter is the right choice. True affirmation only in part. If you want to reach the beaches only, driving by day, the choice of two wheels is quite valid. The option, however, is to be excluded, in case you want to move in the evening, and cover long distances. The streets, in fact, are poorly lit and, between the capital Mahon and Ciutadella, there are about 50km away. In our opinion, it could be rather dangerous.

However, the combined scooter-bus solution should not be ruled out.

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