Stadt Markt of Basel

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Practical information on the Stadt Markt market in Basel. How to get

Basel is a city full of events and traditions. A city that lives on art and culture. But not only.

A place characterized by a wide and varied quality gastronomic offer. Stadt Markt of Basel is the ideal place for those who do not want to resist the temptation to go shopping among the stalls. Even better if the negotiations were to take place in the city center, on the splendid Marktplatz.

It is the commercial area of ​​the city, dominated by the splendid, picturesque, Town Hall. In the space in front, well 5 days a week, you can wander through the various stalls where they are exposed product fresh, high quality. Many exhibitors are regional producers who, every day, bring fruit, vegetables, honey, mushrooms, bread, flowers, handicrafts ... ...

Prices are sometimes quite high. Above all, if the products are of quality. Do not miss a ride through the fish market stalls.

From the 2017, every Monday, it takes place Schlemmer Markt, the Flavor Market, in addition to the Stadt Markt in Basel. The market of flavors offers a rich gastronomic offer, with the typical Street Food atmosphere. You can sit back and savor the various delicacies.

Stadt Markt Basel is a colorful and fun way to visit the city center. In this square you really breathe an atmosphere of other times. Also recommended if you do not want to make purchases. Seeing is believing.



Stadt Markt of Basel

Stadt Markt Basel takes place in the central Marktplatz, where the Town Hall is located.
The square is easily reached on foot.
If you want to arrive by public transport, you can use the tramlines 6, 8, 11, 14, 15, 16 and 17.


The city market takes place from Tuesday to Thursday, from 07: 00 to 14: 00. Saturday and Sunday, from 07: 00 to 18: 00.
In addition, from the 2017 was inaugurated the Flavor Market, held in the square of the same name every Monday from 08: 00 to 14: 00.
Closed on Sundays.


The offer, as indicated, is really wide; Instead, buying is purely subjective. The market is also ideal for walking among the stalls.
We have not felt any sense of insecurity but, as always, we invite you to use all the necessary precautions.
If the offer does not meet your tastes, remember that in the area, you will still find many places, cafes, brasseries, or bakers.

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