Luebeck. How to get there by plane, train, car and ferry. From hamburg


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Between rotspon and marzipan, in the city of Thomas Mann.

A marvelous town, whose historic center, surrounded by the River Trave and its seven characteristic towers, has been declared a UNESCO cultural heritage site as a prototype of a twelfth-century western town. The Hanseatic League and the Middle Ages, Thomas Mann, the marzipan in all imaginable forms; or, again, the aged French wine in the local cellars, the Holstentor and the Gothic Petrikirche.


These are just some of the many aspects worth visiting this pearl of the Land. So, do not disdain a weekend here, and let yourself be transported to this magical place.



After RyanAir has decided to leave the Lübeck airport, Hamburg Airport is the best solution to reach the city.

Hamburg Airport, is one of the largest airport airports in Germany, among the top positions in terms of passenger traffic. Modern and efficient building, it houses, inside, bars, restaurants and shopping areas. It has two Terminals. From here, there are numerous direct connections with the main European and some non-European destinations. All info on the airport and direct connections, available directly from here.


Just in front of the Terminal, there is the S-Bahn stop which takes about 20 minutes to Hamburg Hbf, which is Hamburg Central Station. From here, you can reach Lübeck, by train, in about 40 minutes. Tickets can be purchased directly from the vending machines. The price is around 14,00 €. More information can be found on the DB-BAHN website.

Getting to Lübeck


Lübeck Hauptbahnho is the Central Train station that serves the city. With passenger traffic estimated around the 35000 units, it is Schleswig-Holstein's busiest hub. The station is housed in a historic 1908 building.

Numerous national and international InterCity lines connect the city to Copenhagen, Hamburg and Berlin. From here, ICE and EUROCITY depart frequently. Regional lines link numerous destinations throughout Germany. More information on the Official site of the German railways. The German railway system works flawlessly.


The German road and motorway system is particularly efficient. The limit on the motorway, if not indicated, is 130 km / h. But what is incredible for us is that the Autobahn is totally free (toll only for some heavy truck categories). Lübeck can be reached from Hamburg via the A1; from Berlin, A24 to Talkau and then B207; from Frankfurt or Hanover, A7 to Hamburg and then A1 to Lübeck.


Getting to Lübeck after a crossing is not the best. The ferry remains, however, unquestionably a means that can fascinate.
From Sweden, TT-LINE offers connections to the city.
From Finland, opera GTS FINNJET and from Denmark, Vogelflugline DB / DSB.

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