Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States, by population, after New York, thanks to the massive presence of film stars and major film studios in the country. LA is home to numerous scientific research centers, and is one of the most important economic centers in the world!

Los Angeles (city of angels) is a huge and boundless California city; the whole urban area, including the famous Orange County, counts just over 11 Millions of inhabitants. In the States, it is second only to the Big Apple (NYC). Some numbers, give a good idea of ​​the extension of the city: from east to west, there are about 40 Km away; from North to South, even 70 Km!

In short, a city to say the least immense.

Of course, visiting it in just one holiday is very unlikely. Here, in this short guide, the most beautiful, historical and ... not to be missed.

Downtown, it houses the Financial district, rather loyal to most of the American cities, with skyscrapers and huge buildings; however, most of the daily life is experienced along the coast and the surrounding towns.

Very famous in the world, the city owes its success to the presence of the most important film studios in America. Universal, Paramount and Warner Bros are just some of them.

In addition, Star System actors reside in the hills of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. This has made Los Angeles a favorite destination for many travelers in the world, who come so far in search of the stars and places of the great American films that have marked our existence.

How to get

Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is the city's main airport, located at 30 Km from the center. It is located south of Venice Beach and north of Manhattan Beach.

LAX is also one of the most important and busy airports in the world; for this, the Kanoa Staff recommends to anticipate more than usual, in case you were leaving from here.

This world-class airport serves a destination on all continents, as well as being a point of reference for American airlines such as: Delta, American, Southwest, United, Alaska.


Greyhound company buses connect the city of Angels with much of North America. Furthermore, it is a historical company that makes transfers throughout the country. Offers on all Internet buses, power outlets, comfortable seats.

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Amtrak, the national railway network, travels the route to / from LA with numerous trains every day. The trains depart from the main station, Union Station, in the heart of Downtown.

From Seattle and San Francisco, there are plenty of trains going through Los Angeles. Also from / to Phoenix or New Orleans, Amtrak manages the connections.

The Pacific Surfliner, managed by Amtrak, connects the city to the beautiful San Diego; in no time you will be at your destination. The departures are made from the main station Union Station.

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How to reach Downtown or the coast

Once you leave the Arrivals Terminal, take the C shuttle that will take you to the LAX Transit Center for free; here, you can change and get on a vehicle to the city.

There are also free shuttles to the Metro Aviation Station, from which the Green Line trains to Redondo (beach) and Norwalk leave.

All major car rental companies have a branch in or near the Los Angeles area airports. We recommend renting at the airport, as prices are cheaper.


The car here is almost obligatory. From LAX airport you will certainly be facilitated by reaching the destination by car, compared to public transport. At least for the times.

Turning LA on foot or by public buses is practically impossible; the car is the best vehicle, although there are 4 subway lines that even connect Venice and Santa Monica.

The area is also very popular for its climate, thanks to its long and never too hot summers, and mild winters, making it perfect for all seasons.

From San Francisco, the fastest route is six hours along the I-5. Alternatively, you can take the US 101 road, which offers picturesque scenery; in this case, account for at least eight hours of travel.

One of the most iconic streets of the United States is the Pacific Coast Hwy (PCH or Hwy 1), which runs in 10 hours; although it is subject to mist, it remains very characteristic.

If you arrive from the beautiful city of San Diego, Kanoa recommends traveling on the Interstate I-5. From Las Vegas, we recommend taking the I-15 up to I-10, then reaching Downtown to the west.

How to move


Contrary to what one might think, Los Angeles is a large city that offers a capillary system of road and rail transport.

There are several bus companies, each serving a part of the city.

Big Blue Bus serves the West area of ​​the city; Culver City Bus and Dash minibuses connect local communities between Downtown and Hollywood; Downtown routes six connects Chinatown, City Hall, Little Tokyo.

Thanks to the presence of all these companies, you can move around Los Angeles without difficulty, and reach every corner of the city.


Metro, LA's main transportation company, offers 200 bus lines and 4 metro lines.

They are as follows:

The Red Line (red line) of the subway; connects Downtown Union Station with North Hollywood through Hollywood and Universal Studios.

The Blue Line, instead, connects Union Station to Long Beach, Norwalk and Redondo Beach.

The Gold Line joins the Union Station in Pasadena.

The Green Line goes from Norwalk to Redondo Beach.



The use of the Taxi is not very common in Los Angeles, because the costs are quite high and the traffic does not grant truce.

Kanoa remembers that if you are not in Downtown or outside the airport, a wave of your hand is not enough to stop a taxi.


The car is almost fundamental instead, among other things, LA presents an infinite number of streets that intersect each other, if you rent a car; We recommend that you have a navigator in Italian, which you can request during the online booking phase, before going to the United States.

Kanoa remembers:

We recommend you sign up before traveling to the United States medical insurance to assist you; if you need it, especially because in America the medical-hospital expenses are very expensive.

Kanoa advises to avoid, as always, areas that are not very busy and at night the isolated car parks; crime in California exists, even if violent episodes are consumed away from the most tourist areas.