London: where to sleep

Where to sleep London wants to be of help to all those who are preparing for a holiday in this beautiful city; whether it is the first or second time it makes no difference, because, this city is immense, divided by 1-6 zones. As a result, the choice of accommodation is never simple.

In London, as almost everyone knows, the Tube (meter) covers long distances and stops everywhere; It is among the most expensive in the world and offers a fast and effective service. Not enough, from Friday 19 August 2016, the lines Victoria (blue) and Central (red) will remain open all night; confirming how much is the preferred means of transport for the "Londoners" and the millions of tourists that crowd the city every day of the year!

London is an incredible, intercultural city. Each area has its own identity; we could talk to you about Covent Garden as a theater district; Blommsbury like the area of ​​museums, where art and culture are breathed in the air; Brixton, South, although convenient for sleeping, it has a strong multi-ethnic culture that could not please everyone. Wimbledon, for example, it is a slightly expensive area for sleeping although it is very pretty, with lots of green; Kensington it's the area of ​​the rich, and staying here could be very expensive; Hammersmith, not far from the center of London, it does not excite although borders with first level roads. If you are looking for a serious and peaceful neighborhood then Mayfair it's for you; Canary Wharf it is the financial district where prices fall on weekends and hotels are new; among other things, it is well connected to the center.

Kanoa recalls that the cost of the rooms in London varies a lot; often the quality is not always excellent; especially for cleaning, the vast majority of hotels in the room have carpets. In recent years, however, the hotels that are renovating are increasingly numerous. With careful research you may be able to come across the perfect hotel for you.

Streets of London

Generally the most expensive months in the city are May, June, July and the Christmas period from Boxing Day (Santo Stefano) to Befana (6 January).

In our opinion, the best time to visit the British capital is from December 1 until the beginning of January; in this period, you will breathe a truly unique Christmas atmosphere, comparable only to that of New York. Very beautiful also in May and June. With the days that stretch, you can take advantage of the many outdoor activities that London can offer.

Essentially we at Kanoa recommend 2 areas on all to sleep in London: Kensington-Earl's Court and Victoria.

Earl's Court-Kensington

Old bromton road

Kensington-Earl's Court it is one of the best areas in London, between elegant houses in perfect Anglo-Saxon style and lots of boutiques; here you will find excellent connections to the City. Kanoa advises these areas, as they are really interesting, especially for those looking for good hotels; in addition, know that many celebrities live in these parts, so you could be lucky and meet the Beckham family!

Recommended especially if you were to arrive from London Heathrow Airport.

Click here to view the best properties available in Kensington.


London cannon und victoria street

Kanoa recommends the Victoria area for the excellent starting position to get around the City and all the sights; in these parts there are hotels for all budgets.

It is also an excellent area for transfers from the airports (Stansted, Gatwick) due to the presence of Victoria Station, one of the main stations in the United Kingdom; long-distance trains also depart from here.

Victoria is also the most used station by Bus companies that connect Airports and the whole country.

Within walking distance of Buckingham Palace, room rates are normally lower during the week than weekends; certainly cheaper than many other areas of London. Click here to view the available properties in Victoria.

Here, however, below, some tips on the best facilities that can do for you.

Low Cost Solutions

There are several low-cost solutions in London.

Hostels in the English LHA chain offer accommodations in London from the 1940. The strengths are undoubtedly the price, the cleanliness, the position. In London, there are many.

LHA is the answer to all those who are looking for a bed that is shared or in a private room (with a sink and in some cases also with private bathroom and kitchen); all accommodations offer free wifi, luggage storage, fridge, TV in the room. In addition, all hostels have a large shared kitchen, to have a meal or breakfast in the morning.

What distinguishes LHA is a young and prepared staff that will try in every way to fulfill any request.

Kanoa recommends LHA Torquay House in Paddington. This recently inaugurated hotel is located between 5 stars and beautiful boutiques.

It has: single, double with internal kitchen, private bathroom and TV.

A stone's throw from Paddington tube / station; Also nearby is the red Lancaster Gate and Bayswater stop.

Another very reliable chain is Tune Hotel, also located at various points in the City; prices are lower than average, as it offers basic accommodations; with limited space but with very comfortable beds and private showers. Some rooms have no windows.

Some services such as wifi, safe and luggage storage are subject to charges; moreover, they can be added when booking.

Kanoa recommends 2 Hotel in this chain. First of all, the Tune Hotel in Paddington. Located in the heart of London with nearby attractions including London Zoo, Hyde Park, the lively Edgware Road (near the tube station of the same name);
This hotel is 400 meters from Paddington underground station; (Circle, Hammersmith and City Line). From this link, more info and possibility of booking at the best price.

The second Tune hotel is that of Liverpool Street, less than 200 mt. from the Spitalfields Market. It represents an excellent location solution for those arriving from Stansted Airport, due to the proximity from the airport Liverpool Street Railway Station, Stansted Express Train Terminal.

Solutions for everyone

Solutions with average prices, suitable for everyone, especially for families and couples who do not want to spend a lot, without sacrificing quality. Obviously, well positioned facilities.

The Paramount Hotel is a small but cozy 2 star hotel, located just a few steps from the metro station Earl's Court; the area is very quiet both day and night. The rooms are spacious enough, with en-suite facilities, very comfortable beds, tea and coffee making facilities and complimentary toiletries; the staff is very kind.

Prices are in the middle of the category and the city; the only recommendation is to book in advance, given the wide demand and the low availability.

Premier Inn hotel Kensington It offers good standard rooms starting from £ 35.

Kanoa advises this hotel nearby with many cultural attractions, such as the Royal Albert Hall, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum; the Victoria & Albert Museum and the theaters of the West End.

The rooms are large and comfortable, and offer free wifi; Ensuite bathroom, TV, safe and tea and coffee making facilities. In our opinion it is really an excellent quality / price solution. From this link, you can search for the best offer.

In general, the Premier Inn chain is a valid solution. Premier Inns are located in different parts of the city. The strong point is definitely the price and quality. The cost of the room varies greatly depending on the area. If long journeys by metro and bus are not a problem, you may find excellent deals far from the center.

Ibis Hotel Shepherd's Bus, in Hammersmith area and near Kensington, Holland Park. It is located near the famous shopping center Westfield.

The location is very good, a stone's throw from Shepherd's Red-Line bus station which soon connects Marble Arch to Oxford Street.

Ibis is synonymous with quality and service of a high standard. The price could be slightly above the average of those previously indicated, but also satisfies the most demanding travelers.

All rooms are equipped with private bathroom, King size bed, TV, safe, air conditioning, window, fridge, coffee and tea. Also, for free, you will have free wifi and luggage storage.

Another important consideration to make when choosing accommodation is the time taken on arrival / departure from the airports to the center. Important especially in the case of a short stay.

The airports most used by companies around the world are 4, each positioned differently than the British capital, with different travel times.

Heathrow Airport (city west side)

The most central of all the Airports; Low Cost airlines do not operate here. As soon as you arrive at the Terminal, you can take directly the blue line metro (Piccadilly) leading to the center; times around 40 / 50 minutes. To consider that the first useful areas in which there are hotels, will be Hammersmith, Shepherd Bus, Kensington.

Luton Airport (north)
You can reach the city center comfortably by train. Take the free shuttle, Luton Airport Express to the 1 Bay, outside the terminal, which will take you to the Luton Rail Road in ten minutes. Once at the station, you can choose to get to King's Cross Station or S.Pancras, another central station with several companies.

Thameslink, (First capital Connect), operates a fast and frequent direct service between central London (S.Pancras) and Luton Airport Parkway train station; trains leave every 5 / 10 minutes, the journey takes about half an hour for £ 12,50.
Virgin connects the station of Luton St Pancras, the route, at a price ranging from 8 to 10 pounds, takes about 35 minutes to get to your destination.

There are several companies that operate the bus service to / from London City from Luton Airport; as soon as you leave the Arrivals Terminal, you will find a kiosk where you can buy tickets; all transfers last an average of 1 now for central London.

Stansted Airport (North East)

The fastest but most expensive means is the Stansted Express train (track just under the arrivals terminal); connects Liverpool Street stations in just over 30 minutes by only performing 2 intermediate stops.

From Stansted several companies operate the bus service to / from London City; as soon as you leave the Arrivals Terminal, you will find a kiosk where you can buy tickets.
The bus takes 55 min (traffic permitting); to Liverpool Street (Central line red line), while if you get off at Victoria Station (victoria blue line); the travel time will be 75 min.
Prices starting from 6 sterling one way, or 12 £ one way; ran every 20 minutes.

Gatwick Airport (south):

The Gatwick express train is the fastest way to get from / to the airport and Central London (Victoria Station); Gatwick Express trains run every 15 minutes and it only takes 30 to reach the destination.

victoria coach station

Surely the bus it is slower but cheaper; several companies that operate the bus service to / from London City from Gatwick Airport.
The bus, on average, always depends on the company; there are several, and they use about 1h and 45 min, by doing 3 stops: Hammersmith, Cromwell Road, Bayswater Road.

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