Nightlife in Lloret de Mar

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The best clubs, clubs and disco for nightlife in Lloret de Mar

Password: fun.
Lloret de Mar is known, above all, for its frenetic nightlife. In summer, the city is literally besieged by hordes of young people from every corner of Europe.
You'll never get bored between clubs, clubs and discos.
The nightlife in Lloret de Mar is hectic, chaotic. The premises are really numerous, concentrated, mostly, in the downtown area, in what is nicknamed Party Town.
Here, below, the most popular, and not to be missed, nightlife in Lloret de Mar.


Without a doubt one of the most popular and appreciated places in the city. There is no holiday, and nightlife in Lloret de Mar, without having set foot in the Tropics Disco, not far from the center.
Located in Avinguda Just Marlés Vilarrodona, 49, is open every day, starting from 21: 30. On average, entry costs around € 25 per person, including at least one drink.
4 rises, different in capacity and sound. Silver, more intimate, welcomes up to 500 people. Gold, for hip hip music lovers. Platinum, perfect location for dancing with the best international DJs. VIP Diamonds, chic and exclusive, for 250 people only.
Official website:

Disco Tropics - Nightlife in Lloret de Mar

Photo ©, Carmasal


For many, the landmark of nightlife in Lloret De Mar.
Two floors of music and lots of fun, with space, above all, for commercial music and also for hip-hop.
It is located at the 38 number of the best known street of nightlife, where other renowned clubs are located.
Prices are in line with other nightclubs, and higher in the case of international guests.
Obviously, there is no VIP area.
The Colossos is one of Lloret's most influential nightclubs, as well as the place to listen to Tiësto, Bob Sinclar, Mike Candys, Italobrothers, Nervo, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Roger Sanchez ...
Official website:


In Carrer de Santa Cristina, one of the city's historic nightclubs is located. Good music and atmosphere, with prices slightly lower than the competition.
Do not miss the exclusive events and parties, often scheduled.
Overall, the Moef is a nice club, not too big, with honest prices.
Generally, discounts and reductions are provided for women.


Along the lines of the Moef, which is a few hundred meters away, the Londoner is another must-see stop of nightlife in Lloret de Mar.
The music ranges from techno, to R & B and hip hop. Small dimensions, the Londoner is ideal for an alternative evening, without giving up the fun.


With the Tropics, the point of reference for nightlife in the city. Good music for a local that develops in one floor.
Given the offer, the prices are really good. Entry after the 23: 00, but it is only starting from the 01: 00 at night that you enter the evening.
Official website:

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