Lloret de Mar

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How to get to Lloret de Mar by plane from Girona, train and car.

For many, Lloret de Mar is synonymous with beaches, nightlife and entertainment.
How to wrong him.

It is mainly young people from Catalonia and all over Europe who storm the city during the summer. Ready to relax, during the day, along its beautiful and crowded beaches. And ready to go for locals, all night, with the center that turns into an immense gathering place.

But it is just far from the crowds and summer chaos that the Spanish city offers the best of itself. Among Castles, ancient cemeteries and parks, sometimes extravagant museums, it is hard to get bored. There is also no shortage of events for fans; on all, the Birrasana, in spring.

Hikers, on the other hand, will certainly love to delve into the wonderful paths of the Grande Rondonnée.


Lloret De Mar

Coming from medium / long haul destinations, the aircraft's solution is preferable. From Spain, however, train, bus and car represent the best options.


Barcelona-El Prat e Girona-Costa Brava are the two international airports of reference for those wishing to reach Lloret de Mar.
In our opinion, due to its proximity and connections, the airport of Girona is the best solution, located only 30 km from the city.
The airport is well connected, with direct flights, with the main European destinations.

In front of the exit of the airport terminal you will find the bus station. The Spanish Sagalés connects the airport with Barcelona, ​​Girona and the Costa Brava. The buses, rather modern, have all the comfort and wifi line. Furthermore, they can be used by people with reduced mobility.
For Lloret de Mar, the travel time is 35 minutes with the 605 bus. The ticket, one way, costs 10,00 €. On the official website, you can buy the ticket directly online. Alternatively, you can buy it at the airport.
Times and frequencies vary according to seasonality.


From Barcelona, ​​to the South, you have to travel a distance of about 80 kilometers to get to your destination, crossing the C32. Generally it takes about an hour, along this Autopista de Pau Casals.
Far greater, however, is the distance from the capital, which is close to 700 kilometers. The route is not particularly demanding, passing through the beautiful Zaragoza.
Over the border, a car trip can be tackled, quietly, starting from the south of France. Montpellier and Toulouse, respectively, are 280 and 330 kilometers from the Spanish city, respectively. Marseille, 450 km, and Nice, around 600.


There is no train station in Lloret. The nearest is in Blanes, about 8 kilometers away. The station is not particularly busy, and connections are limited to regional trains only. Travel times, and frequencies, are quite high.
The station, quite distant from the center, is connected exclusively with a long-distance rubber line.
The train, therefore, is not the ideal solution to reach Lloret de Mar. Better to opt for alternative solutions, such as car or bus.

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