Tram Budapest to visit the city. Tram 2 4 6 19. Prices, routes

Tram Budapest

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Are you looking for a fascinating and suggestive way, and why not, cheap, to visit Budapest? Do not be afraid: the answer is called TRAM. The tram network, in fact, runs through the most beautiful and significant places in the city; you can enjoy the beauty of the historic center declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the window of a vintage vehicle, often dated, and, precisely for this reason, really suggestive. And you can do it at the cost of a simple travel document.

The reference point is certainly represented by the Budapest 2 tram, a real institution, which, following the course of the Danube, crosses Pest from north to south; you will review the Parliament, the Palazzo Gresham, Monument to the Holocaust, bronze statues (the city is full of them), as well as having a spectacular view of the river and Buda. One of the two terminus (Jászai Mari tér) is located near the wonderful Margaret Bridge, which leads to the beautiful island of the same name in the middle of the river!

Tram Budapest

The 2 tram, however, is not the only one worth using. The 19, for example, makes a nice path on the other side of the Danube, "cutting" Buda; you will admire this way, i Géllert Thermal Baths Calvinist Church, Royal Castle and much more.
Also from Buda, i leave 4 and 6 trams, both worthy of mention, which run both on Nagykörút, (Grand Boulevard), cross the wonderful Margaret Bridge first, and the Bridge Petofiafterwards they pass through Pest and return to Buda. Splendid and evocative glimpses of the city that will be enjoyed by all travelers.
Obviously, with the cold and the rain, these vehicles are very popular, and as such, they will be very crowded at peak times, on weekends or on public holidays !.


The 2 tram runs daily from 04: 12 to 23: 45
The 4 tram runs on days from 04: 53 to 23: 20 (Sat and Sun, from 04: 13).
The 6 tram operates 24 hours on 24
The 19 tram runs daily from 04: 14 to 23: 30.

The price of a single ride ticket is equal to the XUUMX HUF and allows you to make a single trip on the entire route. Other types are available on the official transport guide by Kanoa.

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