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"They say that Thera is magical.
They say that Thera is romantic.
They say that Thera has the most beautiful sunsets in the world.
Do you know what I think, sometimes, looking at the stars? Nothing. I do not think about anything. Absolute darkness.
Sometimes I like to wander with my mind, imagining that I am free and that I can dive into those waters that I can only see and of which I can only smell the smell in the distance. After all, what am I?
Silence, and nothing more.

For me, the night is the most beautiful moment of the whole day. For me, and for all my friends: Attalos, Erastos, Gourias, Hektor, Kyros, Makarios, Petro, Sisoes, just to name a few. We are all here, once again. Lucky to still be alive. Unfortunate you still have to live.
We are cursed, and yet, in these parts we should be the symbol of the whole island.
With the cock. Other than a symbol.

I look at Narses, slumped on the ground, wrapped in an unbearable stench, among droppings and buzzing mosquitoes.
To him, today, the worst is touched, and God only knows how hard he has felt in climbing all the 600 steps, having on his back a whale all rolls and two children weighing an adult. Cows of shit, you should lose weight and do a little 'movement, instead of being carried back and forth like Kings and Queens.
And then…. All those hypocrites, who look at us smiling; that send kisses in the distance; that, perhaps, show off their generosity to others. Fuck you all, fake and hypocrites .... Sorry, maybe I'm exaggerating, it's a simple outburst. Take it as such, in fact, erase what has been said from your mind.
Tomorrow I will start again to trot. And if I had to carry a huge weight behind it, it does not matter.
If you had to spend another day without water and without being washed, it does not matter.
If you had to kick your stomach, it does not matter.
If the evening, I had to feel all over my body, the signs of fatigue, it does not matter.
If they were to eat me, piss me in the face, or whip me, it does not matter.
Climb up on your back, I will take you along all the 600 steps up to the top of Thira. After all, what am I? I'm not handsome or nice, like those dogs, so sweet, walking on a leash; nor, let alone, I will be as smart as cats. Just a fucking ass.
I'm just a fucking ass. Nothing more. "



If you had to go to Santorini, take the cable car, or do as our friend Lello who, in order to save money, has all been done and 600 steps on foot. Obviously for him, almost a ton, it was not a hike, but if you succeeded Lello ... And who should say that donkeys are treated in the best way, and in the maximum respect, we answer, telling them to do all 600 3 or 4 steps in one day, with a weight of 50, 60 kg and more ... ..


of JLDefoe

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