Richmond Park

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Richmond Park

Not far from London, Richmond Park it represents one of the Royal Parks of undoubted beauty. With an area of ​​approximately 9,5 square kilometers, it is the most extensive Royal Park in the entire capital. We are sure that during your London vacation you will particularly appreciate the calm and tranquility of these royal gardens. Ideal, above all, to escape the chaos and bustle of London.

Very different from the London parks, it is striking for its appearance that looks wild. In fact, it's a place with ... something more. In its suggestive and romantic atmosphere, you can stroll in close contact with numerous deer and fallow deer; in addition to numerous squirrels and rabbits, left completely free to roam the gardens.

A park outside the world; a natural oasis, a few kilometers from London, which will make the happiness of families and, above all, of children. Ideal for a few hours of relaxation; for a simple walk, breathing pure air. Or, to spend a romantic picnic, near the picturesque lake Pen Ponds; in an atmosphere of yesteryear, you can even make friends with whole families of geese!

Isabel Plantation, is one of the major attractions of Richmond Park. A splendid and dense wooded garden, particularly rich in flora and fauna. Here, you can admire many species of flowers and plants, including the different varieties of azalea, a shrub from Asia.



Richmond Park is easily accessible by public transport. The best method is by bus. Those wishing to use the subway or railroad, keep in mind that the nearest stop, Richmond Station, is about a 30 minute walk from the park. Outside the station, however, you will not have to, take a bike, or you can take the 65 or 371 buses, which allow you to reach the Petersham pedestrian entrance.

Depending on the area, several buses allow you to reach Richmond Park from London. The 33, 190, 391 and 419 buses run the Hammersmith - Richmond route. Other lines are as follows:

85 / N85, Putney - Kingston; 265, Putney - Tolworth; K3, Roehampton Plow - Esher; 72, Roehampton - East Acton; 493, Richmond - Tooting; 65, Kingston - Ealing Broadway; 371, Kingston - Richmond. More info on tickets and vehicles, are available at this link.

Richmond Park London


The park is open every day, from Monday to Sunday, in the summer from 07: 00 to 21: 00; in winter, from 07: 30 to 21: 00.

Admission is FREE


Near Broomfield Hill, the Pen Pond car park is Pembroke Lodge, where you will find places to buy drinks, snacks, ice creams and more.

At Roehampton Cafe, in the vicinity of the homonymous cafe, you can sit in the indoor hall, or outside, from the 09: 00 to the 17: 00 for a gourmet break.

Richmond Park

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