Parc De Guinardo

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Barcelona you can not not love it. Beautiful, pleasant, fun during the day. In the evening, especially for three friends. Do not misunderstand: even for a couple is really the best.

For the third day in a row, I have not closed my eyes, or almost. Paco and Cleo, my friends, I think they did the same. Last night, then ...

Penelope, beautiful Spanish we met a few days ago (or was it yesterday?), Invited us last night to "tomar una copas". Well, other than copas. We started to chill white wine in Barceloneta, in front of a lousy paella, and then meet again at the CDLC to dance. The Club, according to many, is one of the most exclusive places of the Catalan nightlife: I honestly did not find it so exceptional.

The beach became our (s) dance track: Paco rolled the cane with the grass bought from X (a dear Italian friend of ours, who emigrated to Barcelona about 4 years ago: he made great fortune by growing marijuana seedlings in a terrace-garden: he asked to remain anonymous), while Penelope and I got in with the 43 Licor. You just have to try it: despite being a bit sweet, it has a warm, strong, intense flavor. Paco, lover of big sizes, has found inspiration in Giunonica (!!) Michelle, Franco-Belgian who shares the apartment with Penelope ...... [THE STORY CONTINUES THEN IN OTHER PLACE] ......

Parc de Guinardo

Today we have an appointment with Penelope and her friends; they said that they will guide us through the city, to discover the place "MORE BEAUTIFUL OF ALL BARCELONA AND THAT YOU WILL NOT SAFE FOR SURE"

"I do not believe. By now we know it as our pocketsI answered her.

We took the subway, yellow line, and we got off at the bus stop Guinardo, then we continued on Carrer Telegraf and took the elevators. We have thus arrived at Parc de Guinardó.

"It is a little tourist park. Few people venture here, but I think it's worth it"Our beautiful escort told us. Of course, getting to the top (the so-called Mirador) of the Parc de Guinardo, for someone it could be quite tiring: you need a little 'adventurous spirit, let loose in green vegetation and continue to climb up to the Belvedere, but, as pointed out by Penelope , it's really worth it. From here, the view that is offered on the City is even higher than that of the Parc Güell. The best panorama of all of Barcelona: the Sagrada Familia, la Torre Agbar, the skyscrapers of the Olympic Villa, il World Trade Center, il Montjuic, and the sea. This, and more, you can see from here. Of course, if I had to give you some advice, go there before dark and when there is little wind. You find it open all day and admission is free !!


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