Cafe Niederegger in Lübeck. Practical info, how to get there, timetables

Cafe Niederegger

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Lübeck, 15th century. Wheat stocks had ended practically everywhere, and now there was hunger everywhere in the city. Food was scarce; the only exception were almonds, of which Lübeck was abundant. It was at that point that a drastic decision was made; the bakers were ordered to use almonds instead of bread ... Marzipan was born!

Well, this is just a legend! The product, originally from the East, only in the nineteenth century began its real phase of production; until it becomes an art a Lübeck.

Lübeck, in fact. City whose historic center has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Who is in this wonderful city, can not miss a visit to the legendary Café Niederegger. It was founded by George Niederegger: more than a pastry chef, a true marzipan artist. Located in Breite Strasse, near the beautiful Town hall, will know how to charm you immediately; In its showcases, in fact, authentic miniature masterpieces are exhibited. All strictly made of marzipan.

Il Cafe Niederegger it can be considered a sort of museum-pastry shop; on the second floor, in fact, there is the Salone del Marzapane. Here, the history of marzipan processing is illustrated. Admission is free.

Cafe Niederegger

Photo, 2006 Morn The Gorn

On the first floor, however, you can not fail to try the delicacies of the Cafe Niederegger, in all shapes and sizes. Sit in peace and taste. The environment is really elegant and tasteful. Do not miss to accompany the dessert with a glass of Lübecker Rotspon; it is a fine Bordeaux wine, aged in the cellars of Lübeck. The quality marzipan of the Cafe Niederegger finds its maximum exaltation just accompanied by a good Rotspon. More info available from here on the official website.

Therefore, do not miss this extraordinary opportunity. Enjoy your meal at the Niederegger Cafe

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