Berghain Panorama Bar

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What to do and see at the Berghain Panorama Bar, the cult venue in Berlin




Berghain Panorama Bar

Photo, 2008 Bart van Poll

Undisputed temple of the world's most famous DJs, a cult place for all techno lovers and the underground scene ... and more. The Berghain Panorama Bar it is in all respects, one of the most famous and attractive places in the world, so much so that, for many youngsters, alone, it is worth visiting the city of Berlin.

Djmag, cult magazine in the field of clubbing, has included the club in the Top Ten of the best clubs in the world of 2018!

Located near the station Ostbahnhof, the Berghain Panorama Bar is housed in the premises of a former power plant in East Berlin and officially opened in the 2004. The main hall, the Berghain, can host up to 1.500 people and offers mainly techno and industrial music. In the upper room, instead, called "Panorama Bar", a more experimental electronic music is proposed: from the house to the garage to the contemporary contaminations.

This place has become a real must for many tourists (and perhaps for many Berliners), has become a real challenge. The reason is due, above all, to the enormous difficulty in being able to enter, so much so that on the web there are numerous tips and tips on how to succeed in the enterprise. There are also dedicated apps. So do not be depressed if you should find endless rows of boys outside: here, they are accustomed to exhausting waiting, even under bad weather. Arm yourself with strength and courage and, above all, a lot of patience. The row waiting for you will be at least an hour. If you are in a group, try to divide up: maybe a little at a time you will be able to enter and you will see that it will be really worth it.

At the entrance, an extremely friendly man (!!!!) will take care of making a good selection between elected (those who enter) and not elected (the poor are forced to go back). They say that we must dress "dark"; there are even those who pretend to be gay! The selection, in my opinion, is completely random, devoid of logic. The big man at the entrance will tell you the fateful phrase, and you will enter (or in the worst case, you will return to the hotel). Beware of those who speak bad about this place: it's just because he has not had the good fortune to enter !!!

The price of admission, in line with the best club-houses in Berlin, is € 16

On the official website you can get all the practical information.

The Berghain is located Wriezener Bahnhof 70, reachable by S-Bahn, Ostbahnhof stop.

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