Bus 50 Thessaloniki

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The 50 bus Thessaloniki is the ideal solution for getting around the city on a tourist bus, at the cost of an urban ticket (or almost).
A sort of Low Cost City Sightseeing.

Established in the 2009, it is managed by OASTH, the Greek company that deals with public transport in the city. A really comfortable and rather efficient service.

The 50 bus Thessaloniki, is a Cultural line, which allows you to have an overview of the rich historical and cultural heritage of this beautiful city. The itinerary starts from the White Tower (Lefkos Pirgos), and, from here, develops around the main monuments of the city. During the tour, lasting about 50 minutes, you will be provided with informative and audiovisual materials, all in Greek and English.

The blue buses are easily identifiable thanks to the decorations along the sides and the rear part of the vehicle. Buses are not particularly crowded, as are the city's vehicles.

Bus 50 Thessaloniki



The 50 Bus Thessaloniki is in service, every day, from 08: 00 to 21: 00. The frequency of the races is always one hour. It starts, as indicated, by Lefkos Pirgos, and then returns to the starting point.


To use the bus you must buy the ticket from 2.00 €, valid only for the 50 line or, alternatively, for the 78 and 78N lines to / from Makedonia / Thessaloniki International Airport.

The ticket can be purchased directly on board the vehicle. The reduced ticket costs 1.00 €. Free for all holders of transport passes.


The full tour takes around 50 minutes. Here are the stops along the 50 Thessaloniki Bus Tour

Lefkos Pirgos - Mousia - Esperia - Agios Sofias - Aristotelous - Palio Dimarhio - Diikitirio - Agios Dimitros - Koule Kafe - Taxiarhon - Keladis _ Agii Anargiri - Platanos - Agios Pavlos - Nosokomio - Panepistimio - Lefkos Pirgos.

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Map Bus 50 Thessaloniki

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