Christmas bus

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The best Christmas Buses


Christmas bus

There is nothing better than spending the magic of Christmas ... together with your family. Here, why, the offer of can not go unnoticed Flixbus, to better enjoy the Christmas experience, all together.

The great tradition of Christmas markets. The evocative atmosphere of the Golden Roof, Marktplatz or St Nikolaus ad Innsbruck. The beautiful Munich, with the evocative Christkindlmarkt am Marienplatz and Tollwood. Salzburg, the city of Mozart, with its beautiful Residenzplatz. It is, again, the very Italian Bolzano and Trento, where the tradition of Christmas has little to envy to the most noble cities.

Thanks to the offer of Christmas Buses, you can buy 4 tickets starting from just 20 € to discover the best cities and the best Christmas markets. Here is an example:

4 tickets for Bolzano from 32 €
4 tickets for Rome from 32 €
4 tickets for Trento from 32 €
4 tickets for Nice from 32 €
4 tickets for Milan from 20 €

Rome, Nice and many other destinations. You can discover all the offers of Christmas Buses, through this link.
Obviously, the offer is subject to availability. It is advisable to anticipate yourself to get the best price guaranteed. Book your seat by bus, from this link, at the cheapest price.

Kanoa also recalls that Flixbus represents a solid reality in terms of transport. A low cost solution, without sacrificing quality. Flixbus, in fact, offers incredibly modern and comfortable buses. On board, you will have comfortable seats, sockets, free Wi-Fi and an emergency bathroom. You can bring two medium / large-sized luggage with you, included in the price.

Very convenient solution that allows you to travel at night. You can choose from many destinations, traveling in comfort at really cheap prices. Traveling at night, moreover, you will have the advantage of reaching your destination early in the morning, with a full day at your destination.

A solution to consider even in case of a "hit and run" visit to one of the many Christmas markets in Europe.

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