monorail las vegas

The hub of Vegas, the Strip and the most famous hotels are concentrated in a few miles. Here, below, types and modalities on how move Las Vegas.

The monorail it is a very convenient means of transportation to move around Las Vegas along the Strip; it is a kind of underground subway that connects the major hotel-casinos of the Strip.
The monorail is active from 7 in the morning to 2 at night from Monday to Sunday.

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The company that runs Las Vegas bus transport is the Citizens Transit area. Buses offer excellent service to get around the Strip; buses connect downtown Las Vegas 24 hours on 24 at relatively low prices.
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In addition to the Citizens Area Transit, many Las Vegas casinos offer limited shuttle services to the Strip alone.
Finally, there is a two-story bus called Deuce that moves from the Strip to downtown (and vice versa) 24 hours on 24.
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If you do not want to move a lot in the surrounding areas, the car is not the best. The traffic in Las Vegas, and in particular the Strip, is really absurd; traveling even just 1km, at times, could take a lot of time.


The trams are limited but free, and connect only some casinos like the Treasure Island with the The Mirage, and with the Excalibur; or, again, the Luxor and the Mandalay Bay, or the Bellagio and the Montecarlo.


They represent the best choice to move between hotels; you can take them directly from the lobby of your hotel.

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