How to reach Karpathos

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How to get there and reach Karpathos by ship and plane. Connections

The island is far from the main tourist circuits. The relative "tranquility" is inevitably reflected with the difficulty in reaching Karpathos. The possible methods are exclusively by sea or by air.


How to reach Karpathos


Karpathos Island National Airport, is the international airport of Karpathos, located in the south of the island, near the beautiful beach of Diakoftis. The airport, inaugurated in the 1970, covers an area of ​​700 square meters, with a single, small, duty-free interior and a couple of bars inside. With the exception of Olympic Air, active all year, all carriers make direct connections between June and September only.

Through this link, all the info on the airport, the companies and the direct flights.


Reaching Karpathos center, by public transport, is an arduous undertaking. The Greek KTEL which manages public transport, guarantees a single ride to Pigadia, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The bus leaves from Karpathos Island National Airport, on the days indicated, at 12: 30; on Saturday, it starts at 10: 30. In the opposite direction, from Pigadia, he leaves at 14: 15 on the indicated days. There are no bus rides on Thursday and Friday.

From Pigadia, a subsequent bus allows you to reach, eventually, other destinations on the island. The buses, in any case, always have a very limited frequency.

The recommended method to reach the center is undoubtedly the car. Above all, in view of the fact that, in all probability, to get around the island and visit its beautiful beaches you need a vehicle. At the airport, there are several rental agencies. Alternatively, there are numerous taxis at the airport. It is recommended to inquire beforehand about the price.

A rather viable alternative would be to stop in Athens. Connections to the island are almost daily from the capital. More info on connections and companies, from this page.


There is only one ship that runs along the coasts of Karpathos; the service is guaranteed by Anek Lines, which connects the port of Piraeus with the main Cycladic islands to Rhodes, obviously also passing through Karpathos. Punctuality almost zero, and rather long times, are a prerogative of this means of transport that passes, among other things, also to Santorini.

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