Santorini How to Move

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Santorini how to move around the island and move from the airport

Getting around Santorini by public transport, especially in recent years, is no longer a utopia. Today, the main attractions and places can be reached by bus: from the famous beaches, to the Port, to the archaeological area.


Given that many accommodation facilities in the area include a shuttle service more or less free to / from airport and port, from the airport terminal buses direct to Fira; the races are not frequent: generally only 5 daily departures, with the following times:

  • From the airport, from Monday to Saturday, travels to 07: 20, 10: 25, 14: 10, 17: 45, 18: 55. On Sundays at 07: 20 and at 18: 10.
  • From Fira, from Sunday to Friday, departures to 07: 10, 10: 15, 14: 00, 17: 30, 18: 45. On Saturdays 2 only ran: at 07: 10 and at 18: 00.

The ticket for the single ride costs 1,80 € per person. From the capital of the island, with another bus, you can reach the main destinations. Further down, more information.

If you want to move around Santorini by car, you can hire one directly at the airport. It is preferable, however, to proceed in advance to obtain a more advantageous price. Several comparators from the various car rental companies are available online.


Ferries, ships and catamarans, in general, are connected with the Port of Athinios, the main island. From here, usually every hour, the bus leaves in 20 approximately minutes to reach Fira. Tickets must be purchased on board the vehicle and cost 2,30 € per person.

Cable Car, down to Santorini

Photo ©, Mary Madigan

The cruise ships and small boats that make excursions, instead moor at the small port of Fira, located at the bottom of the homonymous capital. You can reach the town by the Santorini cable car, which observes the following times:

  • From 01 June to 31 August from 06: 30 to 22: 40, ran every 20 ';
  • May, September, October from 06: 30 to 21: 40, ran every 20 ';
  • April from 06: 30 to 21: 00, ran every 20 ';
  • March and November from 07: 30 to 10: 30 and 14: 30 to 18: 00 with departures every 30 ';
  • From the 01 December to the end of February from the 07: 00 to the 09: 00 and from the 15: 00 to the 16: 00, each 30 '.

Single ticket costs 5,00 € per adult and 2,50 € for children. For each suitcase a € 2,50 surcharge is to be paid.
More information on the official website, from this link. Keep in mind that often the line is quite long: arm yourself with a lot of patience.

As an alternative to the cable car, you can go up the path of about 600 steps (!!!) that connects the port to the city. Keep in mind that there is the possibility to get on (or get off) riding one of the many mules, which act as a sort of taxi.
The donkey should be the symbol of the city. Here I will not stress the reasons why the undersigned refused to use this inhumane means of transport.
Do as the undersigned: get on the cableway, and get off on foot; the view, during the descent, is really wonderful!


The Greek Ktel, runs an efficient road network, active throughout the day from the 07 in the morning to around 23. From the island's capital, Fira, there are numerous connections with all the villages, and more or less known areas, including the airport. Excellent for getting around Santorini by public transport.
Obviously, do not expect to reach any point in the city, and above all, organize yourself according to bus schedules; the races are not too frequent.

Santorini How to move

The best way to move around Santorini is, undoubtedly, the scooter (especially if you are a couple). On the island, the quads often turn: big bikes to 4 very popular wheels. Be careful; if you are used to driving two wheels, you will have a few difficulties to become familiar with the quads! Try to take at least one 125cc; the island, in fact, has significant slopes: a 50cc, with two people, would not do much effort.
On the whole island you will find numerous rental agencies for scooters, scooters and quads. Try first to ask your Hotel: generally every structure has its own trusted hirer; you will get important discounts.
Generally, the price is around € 10 per day, with the quad that has a significantly higher price.

If you are more than one person, or if you prefer to rent a car, we always advise you to do it directly at the airport. From the port, however, you will not find anything. Car rental agencies are present all over the island.

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