Santorini How to get there

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Santorini How to get there and reach the island by ship and plane. Connections

Santorini can only be reached by plane, or ship. There is no ideal vehicle, but if the island is the only destination for your holiday, the plane is the advisable solution. Santorini, in fact, has a rather small extension.

The ship could be a good solution if you want to continue the journey to one of the great Greek islands such as Crete, Rhodes or the Adriatic islands.


Santorini Airport

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The view of the Cyclades islands from the air is really fascinating. You will see the particular shape of the island, the Mount Mesa Vouno and the beautiful and crystalline turquoise sea just before landing.
Santorini International Airport, one of the largest in the Cyclades Islands, is a small airport near the villages of Kamari e Monolithos, about 7 km from the capital of Santorini, Fira.

Through our official page, from this link, all the info on the airport and the companies that make direct connections.

For connections from the Airport to the Center, VISIT OUR SPECIAL SECTION HOW TO MOVE TO SANTORINI.


Santorini how to get there

Getting to Santorini by sea requires several hours of crossing, as well as several kilometers by car. For a holiday, therefore, take into account at least a couple of days "wasted" for the trip.

As mentioned several times: if you are willing to spend a holiday ONLY in the island, the plane is the recommended means. The island has two ports: Athinios, the main one, e Scale, or the old Port.

Athinios, serves the major naval routes in connection with Piraeus and the islands of Greece. It is quite isolated from the rest of the island and you will find very little in the area, except for a few small dining options. Taxis and buses are the only means by which you can reach the center of Fira.
The old port of Scalein general it is used by cruise ships; the latter stop in the harbor, from which, with special boats, the Port is reached.
For connections from the Port to the center, consult the OUR SPECIAL: HOW TO MOVE TO SANTORINI.

From Greece, we must reach the Port of Piraeus, located at 11 km south-east of Athens. From the Port of Piraeus, ships leave to reach Santorini.

By ship, starting from Italy, you must first arrive at Igoumenitsa or Patras, then, travel by car in the direction of Peireias (Piraeus). From Patras, it takes around 210 km, almost all on the motorway section, always following the signs for Athens. The toll is just under € 10.
The distance from Igoumenitsa is much greater: about 450 km, of which only half are on the motorway. Therefore, account for at least 6 hours to reach Athens.
Anek, Superfast, Minoan they are just some of the shipping companies that connect, almost daily, the ports of Patras and Igoumenitsa with Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, Ravenna, Trieste and Venice. It goes from around 8, 9 hours of crossing from Brindisi, to almost 24 hours from Venice.

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