Etihad Airways is an airline of the United Arab Emirates, which operates routes to the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

The main base of Etihad Airways is Abu Dhabi International Airport, and stands out for being among the best companies from all over the world.

Valuable info to know before leaving with Etihad:

Hold baggage

Economy Breaking Deals e Economy Saver Do: 1 baggage up to 23 kg
Economy Value e Economy Freedom Do: 2 luggage up to 23 kg each
Business Class: 2 luggage up to 32 kg each
First Class: 2 luggage up to 32 kg each

Hand baggage allowance

The deductibles indicated below apply to all tariff options.

Each piece of baggage must not exceed the dimensions of 115 cm (40 x 50 x 21)

ECONOMY CLASS: 1 baggage up to 7 kg
BUSINESS CLASS: 2 luggage for a total of 12 kg
FIRST CLASS: 2 luggage, for a total of 12 kg

UAE Airport Regulations (United Arab Emirates)

Guests traveling, or in transit, at UAE airports must comply with the following rules:

Liquids, spray cans and gels (LAG) must be transported in resealable transparent plastic bags, with a maximum capacity of 1 liter; each container must not exceed 100 ml.

Each guest can carry only one bag of this type, which must be presented separately from hand baggage to security checkpoints.
Exceptions may be made for drugs, baby food / milk, special diets or other medical needs.

Most duty free shops in major international airports comply with the new rules. In the event that items purchased at other airports do not meet the new criteria, they may be confiscated at the Abu Dhabi International Airport prior to departure.

At the airport, they may ask to remove a jacket and / or coat, and present them for screening.
Presents laptops and other electronic devices for screening separately.

Check in
If the flight is operated by Etihad Airways, you can check-in online from 24 hours to 2 hours before departure; for a faster check-in procedure, we recommend printing the Boarding Pass and bringing it to the airport: without a paper boarding pass, the check-in procedure may be delayed.

Mobile check-in
Mobile check-in is a convenient option for those with a smartphone; To access the mobile boarding pass, simply enter the online check-in at least three hours before departure.

The card can be sent to the e-mail address or stored on the Passbook App (for users who have it)

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Check-in times

Check-in opens 4 hours before the scheduled departure time. Check-in for the Economy Class closes 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Business Class check-in closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Check-in for direct flights to the United States

Check-in for all direct flights to the United States closes 2 hours before departure for those starting their trip to Abu Dhabi. The pre-authorization service for the United States, in Abu Dhabi, is closed for 60 acceptance minutes before departure.

Kanoa advises, before accessing the security controls, to store the LAGs (LIQUIDS, AEROSOL, GEL) in containers with a capacity not exceeding 100 ml or equivalent, placed in a transparent and resealable plastic bag, with a capacity not exceeding one liter, and in which the contents enter comfortably and the bag is completely closed.
LAGs to be used during travel for medical purposes (accompanied by a doctor's prescription) or for a special diet (including baby food) in containers with a capacity not exceeding 100 ml or equivalent.

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