Valuable info to know before leaving with Austrian Airlines, among the best European airlines.

We recommend that you clearly indicate your name and address on your baggage.

The baggage allowance is declared on the ticket or on your booking confirmation.
Check-in does not accept packages exceeding the maximum weight of 32 Kg. For baggage that exceeds the total dimensions of 158 cm (length + width + depth) special transport conditions apply.

Hand luggage

Depending on the class booked, you can find out how many pieces of baggage you can take on board.

For the Economy Class there is only one hand baggage (up to 8 kg), while for the Business Class, 2 Hand luggage (up to 8 kg).
Every single piece of hand baggage can not exceed the dimensions 55x40x23 cm and weigh more than 8 kg. At the airport you can check it, using the appropriate hand baggage meter, at the gate.

Any article that exceeds these limits must be registered. In case the free baggage allowance is exceeded, a supplement will be required.

A foldable clothes hanger of the max size of 57x54x15cm is considered hand baggage.

In addition to this, you can bring an item up to 40x30XXUMXX on board, such as the 10 women's handbag or a laptop bag or shoulder bag.

Depending on the type of aircraft used and / or in accordance with the flight safety provisions of the national authorities, in exceptional cases the baggage allowance granted to Business Class passengers may be limited to one piece of hand baggage.

Kanoa recommends, before accessing the security controls, to store the LAGs (LIQUIDS, AEROSOL, GEL) in containers with a capacity not exceeding 100 ml or equivalent, placed in a transparent and resealable plastic bag, with a capacity not exceeding one liter, where the contents enter comfortably and the bag is completely closed.
LAGs to be used during travel for medical purposes (accompanied by a doctor's prescription) or for a special diet (including baby food) in containers with a capacity not exceeding 100 ml or equivalent.

Checked baggage allowance:
All tickets include a certain amount of baggage allowance, based on the flight itinerary.

The baggage allowance is indicated on the ticket or on the booking confirmation.

The partners Hon Circle, Senators, Star Alliance Gold e Frequent Travellers they can enjoy a higher baggage allowance, unless they have booked the Economy Light European fare.

Economy Light: no checked baggage

Economy Classic and Flex: 1 checked baggage Max 23 Kg

Business Class: 2 luggage registered Max 32 Kg

The maximum dimensions of each piece of luggage are 158 cm. (Height + width + depth)

Online Check-in:
For most Austrian destinations, the Web Check-in opens from 47 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
In addition, Austrian Web Check-in offers a variety of additional services such as business class upgrades, additional baggage, lounge access or seats with more legroom on medium and long haul flights so you can customize as much as possible your own flight experience, based on what really matters.

The boarding pass can easily be printed from any printer or sent directly to your smartphone or tablet.

If you need to travel with checked baggage, simply present your boarding pass at the airport check-in counters. Alternatively, use one of the Self Baggage Drop-off desks located on the 351-354 at the Vienna Airport's 3 Terminal. It can also be proceed directly to the departure gate; Kanoa advises to make sure that the dimensions of the carry-on baggage are within the allowed dimensions.

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