How to combat sciatica



Summer is synonymous with holidays and, above all, with the sea. Arrive on a remote island. Starting to discover bays and inlets, on board of suggestive boats; small, or big, they are.
Let yourself be lulled by the waves during a romantic cruise.

Then, suddenly, your partner, or your travel companion, begins to show signs of restlessness. The boat. The waves ... .. seasickness.

Well yes. Seasickness can be a real obstacle. Anxiety and fear take hold. Above all in the case of a bad experience.

You will not die of sea sickness!
Why, then, give up a fascinating boat trip, when there are natural remedies?

On the web there is really everything. Not having skills in this regard, we will not give any advice on drugs and medicines. We will focus on some natural remedies, useful to combat seasickness. Guided by our personal experience and advice from friends and relatives.


Feeding greatly affects the sense of nausea. Basic rule: avoiding excesses. Do not travel, absolutely, on an empty stomach, or after a big binge.


Milk, coffee, juices and pressed. Absolutely avoid orange and, in general, citrus fruits, because they are excessively acidic.


Bread, crackers, breadsticks are great for mitigating the sense of nausea.

Bananas and anchovies are foods indicated against nausea. Sweet peppers, turnip tops and strawberries are also excellent allies.


Use some precautions when the sense of nausea and vomiting takes hold of you.

Do not go downstairs. The lower you go, the more you notice the rollii and movements of the boat.
Stay outdoors, in the possibly most central areas of the boat.
Eating something dry (pretzels, bread) and lying down could help.
As soon as you feel the symptoms of nausea, try to calmly warn someone of the crew on board; they could give you some valuable help and some advice.


Surfing the web, there are so many, the supporters of Coca Cola as a remedy for seasickness. To try does not harm. My personal opinion is to avoid carbonated drinks.

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