Cologne, how to get there by plane, bus, train and car. Practical info.


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Läve Un Läve Losse!

Live and let live. The fourth largest city in Germany stands out for its profoundly optimistic soul and decidedly tolerant character.
All this is due to the enormous migratory flow that has led to the coexistence of very different races and religions.

how to get to Cologne

A city with a glorious past, Cologne preserves traces of antiquity, like few other places in the entire country. The testimonies of the past are visible in its beautiful buildings, palaces, churches and monuments. Like the spectacular Dom, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
And there is also no lack of excellence in terms of production, such as craft beer and liqueur

But, Köln, is also a city that makes fairs and shows all year round, an essential element. Above all, the Carnival and the traditional Christmas markets stand out.



The plane is one of the most comfortable and quick means of reaching the city of the Rhineland. The international airport of Köln-Wahn is located only 15 kilometers from the city center, and is well connected with direct flights to major European and non-European destinations.

With the suburban S-Bahn railway, in about 15 minutes you reach Koln HBF, that is, the central station. Just buy a ticket for the 1b area, for € 2,80. You can buy travel tickets directly from your smartphone, taking advantage of a 3% discount. All the info and direct links are available on our official page. through this link.

From this link, however, you can book your flight at the best price.


Köln Hauptbahnhof, is the Cologne Central Train Station.
With its 280.000 travelers a day, it is the busiest station in North Rhine-Westphalia. From here, regional trains, RegioExpress lines, and S-Bahn transit.

Thanks to the numerous Intercity connections, Intercity Express ICE, Euronight and Thalys, it is possible to reach Cologne from the main German and European destinations.
From Berlin, it takes just over 4 hours, with the ICE, to get to your destination. From Amsterdam, just 260 kilometers away, it takes just 160 'to get to Cologne. From Brussels, travel time is 2 hours. From Paris, however, just under 4 hours with the Thalys.

Cologne HBF station


Cologne is within easy reach of the main European capitals and cities. Brussels is 220 kilometers. Amsterdam, 260. Hamburg, 450 kilometers. Paris, just under 500. Even London can be taken in reference, considering the distance is not excessive.
The Italian Milan, however, is more than 800 kilometers, crossing the Swiss cities of Lucerne and Basel, and the French Strasbourg.

Whether you want to go directly, or face an on-the-road trip, the car is a vehicle to consider. Keep in mind, moreover, that the German motorway network is really modern, efficient and, above all, free almost entirely.

Stamps, stamps and practical information to face a journey with your vehicle, are available at this link.


Flixbus it is much more than just an alternative to reach Cologne. Thanks to Flixbus, you can travel on modern, efficient and extremely comfortable buses, taking advantage of extremely advantageous rates. Booking with a little 'in advance, you can also find offers and promotions, with tickets, in some cases, only 5,00 €.

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