Driving in Hungary. Info, limits, signage, safety devices

Driving in Hungary

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Here are the practical info, and everything you need to know, to drive in Hungary without problems.

As always, it is recommended to follow some basic and universal rules.
Always respect speed limits, for your safety and to avoid penalties. It should be noted that in the event of an infringement it is possible to pay the fines in cash to the police who have fined the fine. Get your receipt, of course!
If you have drunk alcohol, DO NOT DRIVING. For no reason. Especially in Hungary. It should be noted, in this regard, that the fines for driving under the influence of alcohol are really salty. Furthermore, there are no minimum thresholds. The Highway Code provides, in fact, the prohibition to drive after taking alcohol, even in small quantities. Keep in mind that, beyond a very minimal threshold, the crime is PENAL!

In the event of an accident, YOU MUST ALWAYS STOP and provide assistance; it is important, however, not to hinder circulation


In Hungary you drive to the right and overtake on the left. Always respect the safety distance.
Always give priority to pedestrians who cross or are about to cross a road; even if there are no pedestrian crossings on the ground.

The Hungarian road and motorway network is quite efficient. The motorway connects directly the main magiare cities. Please pay special attention to the urban centers of major cities such as Budapest. Often, to combat the high rate of air pollution, several restrictions apply.

Driving in Hungary


Driving license, registration certificate and valid insurance certificate. If you are driving a vehicle that is not your own, we recommend that you take a DELEGATION TO CONDUCT. This is a delegation of the vehicle owner with an authenticated signature.


It is mandatory to have the following items in the car, under penalty of payment of penalties:

First aid kit.
Self-reflective waistcoat.

Safety belts are mandatory for all passengers.
The helmet is mandatory for the driver and the passenger.


The Magia road and motorway network is quite varied and extensive. The network consists of motorways, expressways, high-speed roads, secondary roads, urban and local roads. A letter M followed by a number identifies the Hungarian motorways (autópálya), and the expressways (Autóút). In both cases, their presence is signaled by a white character on a blue background. Only on the motorway there is always the double lane, and a further emergency lane, for each direction of travel.

High-speed roads (Gyorsút) have the same characteristics as the highways, in addition to the same speed limits. They are identified by the letter R followed by numbers.

Please note that to travel on certain road and motorway sections, it is mandatory to purchase the appropriate Electronic Stamp. All the info, through this link.


Photo ©, MrSilesian At Hungarian Wikipedia


Unless otherwise indicated, the speed limits are as follows:
50 km / h in population centers, and on all roads if snow chains are fitted;
90 km / h outside population centers;
110 km / h on the freeways;
130 km / n on the highway.


For all children up to 3 years, there is the obligation to secure them to special seats. The latter must be approved according to the EC directives, positioned on the front seats of the car. Children over the age of 3 and up to 135 cm must travel on the rear seats and always be sure to wear their seat belts.

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