Driving in Slovakia. Info and rules. Limits, roads, signage and more

Driving in Slovakia

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Here is some valuable information for driving in Slovakia.
As always, we recommend that you follow some basic and universal rules: always respect speed limits. It is forbidden to drive in Slivacchia after having taken alcohol, for any quantity. Zero tolerance throughout the country. Controls, especially on the motorway, are quite frequent.

In the event of an infringement, it is possible to pay the fines directly on the spot. Do not forget the receipt.


In the country you drive on the right and you pass on the left. Remember to always respect the safety distance.
It is always necessary to give priority to pedestrians who cross or are about to cross a road; even if there are no pedestrian crossings on the ground.

In the event of an accident, YOU MUST ALWAYS STOP and provide assistance, where necessary. It is always preferable, on both sides, to sign the friendly statement and call the authorities.


Driving license, registration certificate and valid insurance certificate. If you are driving a vehicle that is not your own, we recommend that you take a DELEGATION TO CONDUCT. This is a delegation of the vehicle owner with an authenticated signature. It is not mandatory.

To drive mopeds up to 50, you must have at least 15 years; for higher engines, the minimum age of 17 is required.


The seat belts must be fastened to all seats, front and back (if any).
It is compulsory to wear a triangle, a reflective jacket, a first aid kit, a kit of spare light bulbs and fuses.
Snow tires required in case of snow and ice.


Driving in Slovakia

The Slovak motorway network currently extends over 700 kilometers, divided between highway e rýchlostné cesty.

The first ones represent real highways. The latter, on the other hand, are express roads, with characteristics and speed limits, almost identical. Even the signals are almost identical, with white characters on a red background. The letter D, followed by numbers, identifies a motorway; a letter R, followed by numbers, signals an express way.

In general, most of the cities of greatest interest are crossed by this type of road. There are no toll barriers: it is compulsory to buy a special mark, or vignette. More info from here.

A signal with one, or two numbers of white color, on a blue background, identifies a first level road; generally, it has a single track and a lane in the direction of travel. Three white numbers on a blue background indicate secondary and rural roads. Sometimes, they can have only one lane.

Driving style and overtaking, they are quite aggressive around here. Especially on rural roads.


The speed can vary according to the climatic conditions and, therefore, we invite you to refer to the special signs along the various road sections. Unless otherwise indicated, the speed limits are as follows:

50 km / h in population centers.
90 km / h on main roads and on highways and expressways near residential areas.
130 km / h on the highway and expressway.


Children under the age of 12, and up to 150cm in height, always travel on the rear seats; they must be secured to the seats, adapted to their weight, and approved in compliance with the minimum safety requirements. The belts, of course, must be well connected.

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