Formentera It is an incredible place, which contrarily to those who can think, has so much to offer, in addition to the sea .... you can take long walks through paths and breathtaking landscapes; travel miles by bike looking at the sea; take boat trips, water sports, or let yourself be pampered by the typical Mediterranean climate. Stop at the beach waiting for the sun to set, sipping a glass of wine.

Downtown Es Pujols is the fulcrum of the nightlife, with many Bar Clubs where you can dance and get to know a lot of people; or dine in one of the many excellent restaurants offering local delicacies.

In Formentera you can spend a fantastic holiday in complete symbiosis with its unspoiled nature!


Before listing the beautiful beaches of Formentera, it is important to make a premise: the nudism it is widespread; therefore, it is very likely to find people on the beach without any costume or garment! Another aspect to keep in mind, it's the costs; in almost all the beaches, a simple sandwich or a fruit bowl can cost a lot. So, if you want to save money, it would be advisable to buy them in advance from outside. The beaches of Formentera are well equipped. Also in this case, the costs are quite excessive for sun loungers only; the alternative is to lie down on your beach towel, so ... the sand is soft!

Calò d'es Mort

cala es mort formentera

Between Platja des Migjorn e Es Ram there is a thin tongue of earth. It is surrounded by red rocks, which give life to one of the most appreciated coves for its transparent waters; clearly, in high season, you may not find space given the very small size of the beach.

Finding it along the way is not easy; you must pay attention to take a small road just before the city center of Mary Land, to which it is very close.

Once you arrive, you will be amazed by the context in which this cove is immersed: truly spectacular!

Cala de Migjorn

Migjorn beach formentera

Cala Migjorn (midday beach), with its 6km, is the largest of Formentera and, for this reason, the most equipped and the most enjoyable.

It extends along the coast to the south of the island, the most wild one, between the two extremes Cap de Barbaria e Far de la Mola; the coast is very varied, among white sand and inlets alternating with small rocky hills.

Cala Migjorn is perfect to escape the crowds of beaches to the north; not lack, besides, excellent typical restaurants, chiringuitos and services of various kinds.

Cala Saona

cala saona formentera

This Cala is one of the most appreciated; It is located in the western part of Formentera, a few kilometers south-west of the capital Sant Francesc Xavier. It is certainly to be counted among the most beautiful and popular on the island.
Although it is not very long (it has an extension not exceeding 200 meters in length and 140 in width), it is characterized by the tranquility and the suggestive natural beauties in which it is immersed.

The outdoor area is surrounded by an enchanting wooded area; according to us it is the ideal place to walk and relax in the shade of pine trees. The bay, however, opens between two groups of red cliffs on a magnificent gulf, the waters are enchanting and blue.

The view is extraordinary and offers a glimpse of the lush hills of Ibiza and the coasts of the islands of Es Vedra 'and Es Vedranell.

Getting to Cala Saona is simple, in fact it is 8km from the port of La Savina. You will have to take the PMV 820 road passing through the town of San Francisco Javier; as soon as you arrive, you will find space to park cars and motorcycles.

Beach of Ses Illetes

beach de ses Illetes

Protected by several islets, the beach of Ses Illetes It is very popular and is located on the northern side, just in front of Ibiza, about 4km from the port of La Savina; characterized by a fine white sand, this long tongue of sand is spectacular: the Posidonia prairie which is under its water has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, the waters teem with a rich marine fauna.

Small to medium in size, an integral part of the Saline natural park, and very popular: p; this makes it little appreciated by those looking for privacy, although it is among the best on the island.

From this side of the island, the wind is strong enough to be one of the surfer's favorite spots. In addition to a large parking area for cars, motorcycles and bicycles, the beach is equipped with bars and restaurants.

To reach Ses Illetes, starting from La Savina, take the road PM 820 / 2 and after about 10 minutes you arrive at your destination; a bus service that leaves from the harbor at about 500 mt. from the beach.

Es Arenals

This is the most popular beach of the island, located south of Formentera and famous for its proximity to the city center of Mar y Land, which has modern and impressive hotel complexes.

Equipped with a fine white sand and crystal clear sea, it is about 15 minutes away from the Faro (Far de la Mola) to the east of the island, overlooking the cliffs offering a magnificent landscape, and we absolutely recommend the visit.

To reach the beach of Es Arenals you have to take the PM820 road, going around 13km in a southerly direction, passing through Es Calò; there are several car parks near the beach and plenty of dining options, being a particularly popular area.


espalmador formentera

Continuing to proceed north of Platja de ses Illetes, you soon reach the tip of the Trucador peninsula, which coincides with the northern end of Formentera.

To reach Espalmador, from the called point Es Pas or even the crossing (crossing), you will have to travel 200 meters on the water. You can use two alternatives: take a boat from the port of Cala Savina or from des illetes, or for those who were also trained to swim; in the case of some days when the weather is particularly favorable, the low sea allows you to walk this stretch even on foot on a tongue of sand!

S'Espalmador is an islet of 3km; given the abundance of species of animals, it is considered a protected natural park and for this there is no construction.

A few minutes away, in the middle of the islet, near the Platja de s'Alga, there is a small sulphurous lagoon. Here, it is possible to make healthy baths of hot clay, which seems to do very well to the skin; do not miss this unique opportunity!

How, not to be missed, it is above all Tower of Sa Guardiola, or a tower that offers an incredible view of Formentera.

We would like to clarify that Formentera has many beaches. Many are hidden, so our advice is always to ride a bike or motorbike to find the right one for you!

Among the many things to do, we point out the visit of the Saline (photo below) of Formentera.

the salt of formentera

One of the natural wonders of Formentera is the Ses Salines Reserve, in the northern part of the island. The salt pans, once, were the first economic resource of the island, which lived in the extraction and conservation of sea salt.

Today they are abandoned and have a purely tourist value. If you were to visit them at the right time of year (end of summer), they give the sight a strange pink color, as in the picture above; it is thanks to the salt crystallization process.

The salt pans have been declared Nature Reserve in the 1995; they include a part of the territory that also includes the salt pans of Ibiza and the islets that divide the two islands.

Some of the most beautiful areas of Formentera also belong to the Saline, such as those of s'Estany d'es Peix, Estany Pudent and the Bassa de s'Espalmador.

The Formentera saltworks reserve has an information point on the island where you can contact for visiting hours and any info; it is active from 9 to 13 and from 16 to 20.

If you want to touch the sun with a finger ... with the sea at your feet, go to Es Cap de Barbaria

es cap de barbaria

The area to the extreme south-west of Formentera is called Cap de Barbaria. The reason is due to the ancient presence of pirate boats that used to approach the island by exploiting this isolated and wild promontory.

An incredible promontory, where you can admire the spectacle of the unspoiled nature of Formentera; the ideal would be to get there at sunset. You can get on lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria (18 mt.); or, sit on the walls overlooking the sea, and relax watching the infinity of the sea ... we are sure it will be one of the activities to do in Formentera that you will never forget.

Reach il Lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria it's very simple; from Es Pujols, take the road PMV-820-1 for 12 km and after 20 minutes you will have reached your destination.

Cap de Barbaria is the third lighthouse on the island; in our opinion, it is absolutely worth visiting for the uniqueness of the sunset and the colors it gives.

Not far from the lighthouse there is also an old watch tower, the Torre Des Garroveret, about 10 meters high and dating back to half of the 1700. Originally, the tower had defensive functions and was armed with a cannon; then, it was later used simply as an observation point.

In addition to going to the beach and relaxing at sea, you might want to visit the villages of Formentera; some are very picturesque and small.

The main urban center of Formentera is represented by San Francesc Xavier de Formentera. The city life, here, takes place all around the square, dominated by the Church of the eighteenth century (photo below)

Sant Francesc Formentera

The Church was the first of the whole island and in the past it served as a fortress to defend itself against pirate attacks.

The area of Es Pujols it is located in the north of Formentera, extending between the lake Estany Pudent and the cliff of Punta Prima.

Es Pujols, is the real tourist center, the beating heart of the island. During the day, there is a crowd of people crowded with shops and flea markets for shopping; at night, the very young are poured into the locales along the main street of the town. Right here stands one of the most renowned disco clubs, the Bananas; is the reference point for all those who want an incredible evening in Formentera. It is open in the 1996 by a group of young Italians, at the Bananas they perform well known DJs from all over Europe; looks like a very modern Lounge Bar. The restaurant is open until 4 in the morning.

Ad Es Pujols a large number of facilities (hotels, apartments, etc.) and services for tourism are concentrated, including shops, bars, chiringuitos, restaurants and all kinds of establishments. Platja de Llevant, Platja de Sa Roqueta, Platja Ses Canyes and the Es Pujols beach of the same name they are among the most appreciated beaches by the millions of tourists who visit Formentera every year.

Kanoa recommends staying in the center of Es Pujols, maybe not too close to the disco bars; you will have everything at your fingertips and a great starting point to visit all the places of interest on the island.

During your holiday, do not miss the chance to do great business at Hippie market 70 years. It is set up every Wednesday and Sunday in the picturesque village of La Mola.

From June to October, starting from 16, an evocative market is set up that recalls the hippie style. There are many stalls present, where you can find a bit 'of everything; from handmade jewelry with precious and natural products by local artists, to costume jewelery; from hand-knitted wool sweaters to many other typical craft items. In our opinion, it is an appointment not to be missed, above all to dedicate to a visit to the characteristic village of la Mola.

To reach the Mola you have to take the PM820 road southbound; from Es Pujols it takes 25 minutes.

Another village to see is that of San Ferrant, located in the center of the island. Very close to Es Pujols, it was a reference point for the hippie movement that took over from the 60 years; today it has preserved that spirit and during the tourist season, we continue to drink, play and talk until late at night. The emblem of this spirit and authentic gathering is the Fonda Pepe.

This is an institution in Formentera, halfway between a bar and a restaurant, and whose main course is undoubtedly the paella, served in many variations. Before entering the restaurant, crowded with tourists in the summer, there is the bar where you can start the evening with the classics chupitos.

Kanoa remembers that the Fonda Pepe does not accept reservations; It is therefore likely to have to stand a little at the bar counter before being able to sit in the dining room.

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