Wayne Chicken Show

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Wayne Chicken Show, 12 - 14 July 2019. Most curious feast in America

WHERE: Wayne - Nebraska, United States
WHEN: 12 - 14 July 2019

Of strange and sometimes absurd Festivals scattered around the world, they are in incredible quantities; the Wayne Chicken Show, can certainly be counted among these. This is a festival held every year at the second weekend of July, in the small town of Wayne, Nebraska, in the United States.

Inaugurated in the distant 1981, today the Festival, even though it was not stormed by hordes of tourists, managed to attract the curiosity of people even outside its limited boundaries; including myself. The reason? Undoubtedly it is the fact of being a kitsch event, at the limits of the trash, with the chicken (and the hen) real center, navel of the city.

All Wayne celebrates "his majesty the feather" with processions, sellers of crafts, food stands where the poultry is offered in all sauces and all forms. On Fridays the roads are closed to traffic for this traditional fair. The billboard includes a series of truly unique and incredible contests!

Wayne Chicken Show



Wayne is a small town in Nebraska, in the United States. It can be reached by car from several American airports. Here, below, the closest with the relative distances:

  • Sioux Gateway Airport, Sioux City (60 km).
  • Omaha Eppley Airfield Airport, Omaha (170 km).
  • Lincoln Airport, Lincoln (195 km).
  • Airport Ave, Grand Island (220 km).

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Three days of truly unique and incredible events and shows. From Friday 12, starting from 08: 00, you will find objects of all kinds at the flea market, set up along the streets of the center.

The most important and anticipated event of the Wayne Chicken Show is, however, the National Cluck-Off. It is an incredible, and somewhat absurd, contest between those who can make the best imitation of the chicken, through gestures and voice, for a duration of at least 15 seconds !!! The event had such a resonance that it also got competitors across the borders of Nebraska. Appointment Saturday, from 13: 30. The winner will receive a $ 400 award.

At the Wayne Chicken Show 2019, as usual, you can watch many contests and absurd races. For example, the biggest egg, the farthest flight and the best chicken legs are rewarded !!! All that remains is to wish you good fun.

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