Traena Festival

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Traena Festival, 11 - 14 July 2019. The most spectacular musical event

WHERE: Traena, Norway
WHEN: 11 - 14 July 2019

Heaven is not only found ... in the tropics. The inhabitants of the tiny municipality of Træna, one of the smallest in terms of population and area, of all Norway, know this well.

Kirkehellern Traena Festival
Photo, 2016 Økonomistudentene

Just in this remote place, on an island in northern Norway, at 65 km away from the Atlantic, takes place the Traena Festival. If you are curious to know what makes this event so special ... the answers could be many. Spectacular location, extraordinary hospitality and suggestive position. In this context, I would like to mention excellent music and excellent cuisine, and that's it.
The Guardian has included him among the 10 European Festivals, to watch at least once in his life!

Here are some of the most interesting elements that make this island unique:

  • Trænstaven is located at 338 meters above sea level.
  • Træna is Norway's oldest fishing village. It consists of more than 1.000 islands, islands and coral reefs.
  • The settlement, on the whole island, is limited to Husøy, Selvær, Sanna and Sandøy.
  • In Træna it is possible to sight around 180 different species of birds.
  • Thanks to its position on the open sea, Træna is the last place where migratory birds pass from the east and west.
  • From mid-May to mid-July, the midnight sun can be seen.
  • Remains of stone age settlements are still visible on Sanna; here are the archaeological excavations.
  • Several hiking trails run through the Træna mountains. Among these, there is the tracing of love.


Sanna Træna

Photo, 2012 Bård Ellingsen

The Traena Festival is not an event for everyone. If you are interested in attending the event, consider the difficulty and the length of the trip. The island, located at 33 nautical miles west of Sandnessjøen, can only be reached by sea.


Oslo can be an excellent starting point, thanks to the presence of three international airports: Gardermoen, Moss / Rygge e Sandefjord / Torpe.

Torghatten Nord and Boreal are the two shipping companies that provide connections to Træna.

From Stokkvågen, only one daily departure for Træna, with Boreal, from Monday to Friday at 09: 15; Saturday and Sunday at 17: 45.

From Sandnessjøen, departure on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with Torghatten Nord, at 16: 30. The crossing lasts around 150 '. From Bodø (hurtigbåtkaia), a daily departure with Torghatten Nord from Monday to Saturday, at 16: 00. The travel time is slightly less than 6 hours. Both boats are used exclusively for passenger transport.


Lots of music, national and international, as usual. Krakesolv, Team Me, Pen Gutt, Brenn, Kate Tempest, and many others will play at the Traena Festival 2019. There are also numerous "outline" initiatives, such as the great Gay Parade; the most colorful, tolerant and eccentric event of the Traena Festival 2019

The gates open at 17: 00 and close at 02: 30. Helgepass Trænafestivalen, is the complete ticket valid for the entire review. Costa 1635 Crowns, equivalent to about 170 €. Info and reservations, from this link.


Given the limited accommodation offer, the Traena Festival Camp is the ideal place to spend your nights. Obviously there are (few) alternative to the tent; these are rather expensive and expensive solutions.

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