Diables of Tarragona. Info, characters, parade, what to do and see

Diables of Tarragona

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WHERE: Tarragona, Spain
WHEN: 05 March, 23 June and 23 September 2019

Diables of Tarragona, also known as the Dance of the Devils, is one of the most interesting and spectacular folkloristic representations in all of Spain. And, in this sense, it represents one of the greatest expressions of the local tradition.

An ancient festival, whose origins date back as far as the fifteenth century, revisited in the 1984 through an annual cycle of three specific dates. Each, linked to particular historical phases, from the Carnival to Santa Tecla.
The carnival is inspired by the satirical element, through dances and popular representations. A large procession with floats, trumpets and drums, which paves the way for the Diables of Tarragona, dance and popular performances.

The second phase of the cycle is represented by the celebrations of San Juan, on the occasion of the summer solstice, this year the 21 June 2019. The actual celebrations of the Noche de San Juan, however, take place at the turn of the 23 and the 24 June.

The cycle of the Diables of Tarragona, the celebrations of Santa Tecla, in September, close. For many, this is the most authentic party, when most tourists have left the coast, and there are almost all residents in the city. Santa Tecla, moreover, is the moment that marks the end of summer.

Diables of Tarragona



The inevitable crown hat and cloak: here Lucifer, the great protagonist of the parade, accompanied by the inevitable consort, always at his side. He is a sort of conductor, who constantly incites i devils. These last ones keep the rhythm of the fire constantly lit; the sparkling clubs always well raised, and in sight.
I Diables Timbalers, accompany the parade with the sound of drums. They are 4, dressed identically to devils.

During the Santa Tecla fashion show, appears San Miquel, the archangel warrior, played by a boy or a girl. He who subdues the Devils with the raised sword.


The annual cycle of the Diables of Tarragona, turns over three phases, from the Carnival to Santa Tecla. Below is the official 2019 program.


The Tarragona Carnival has its roots in the satirical and burlesque traditions of the event. A ceremony of particular appeal, with an incredible procession with carts, thunder and drums. And, of course, the inevitable night of the fire of the Ninot.
Because fire has always been the key element of the ceremonial.


It is the shortest night of the year, with devils and beasts taking the city. The summer solstice is a magical night of invocations to spirits and omens.
The festivities begin at the 18: 00, with activities for children at Plaça dels Àngels, while, at 19: 30 the fire begins to be the protagonist in El Serrallo with the neighborhood bonfire, and Ninot Cream.
At the 23: 00, from Plaça de les Cols, the Cercavila de Foc begins, with the Diables of Tarragona, the Devils of the Pla de Santa Maria, and the Ferafoc de Sant Quintí de Mediona.
From 23: 45, in Plaça dels Àngels, we dance and dance with the party organized by the Xiquets of Tarragona. The highlight of the San Juan festivities will be the great parade of the various groups, at the 00.10h on the Rambla Nova. Fires and large bonfires follow.


The most important festival of Tarragona, which falls on the September 23. In fact, the festivities last a good 10 days. More info from this link.


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