Procession of the Holy Blood

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What to do and see at the 2019 Holy Blood Procession in Bruges

PERIOD: 30 May 2019
PLACE: Bruges, Belgium.

Since the XIII century, the Procession of the Holy Blood has become a full member of the history and tradition of the splendid Bruges. It is a historical event that is repeated every year, from 1304, on Ascension Day, exactly 40 days after Easter. This year, the festival falls on the 30 May 2019.

This is one of the most popular events in all of Belgium; a procession in costume that recalls some episodes narrated in the Bible and, in particular, the Passion of Christ.
Over the centuries, the ceremony has undergone substantial changes and reinterpretations, to obtain the current appearance.

Over two thousand people are involved in the Procession of the Holy Blood. There are choirs, dance groups, carriages and animals (camels, goats ...). To get an idea of ​​how important this event has become, just think that it has been declared, in the 2009, Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Today, the ceremony is divided into four parts. In the first two, repeats from the Passion of Christ and scenes from the Old and New Testaments; the third part, staging the legend from which the whole ceremony takes its cue. It is described as the relic of the Sacred Blood of Jesus, reached Bruges thanks to the intervention of the Crusader Knight Theodoric of Alsace, Count of Flanders. According to the legend, it was during the fourth crusade, when Constantinople was invaded by the crusaders of Baldwin IX, that the precious relic was discovered, until then kept in ancient Byzantium; blood, which Joseph of Arimathea managed to gather, while the body of Jesus was brought down from the cross.
In the last part of the ceremony, the concluding one, we witness the veneration of the relic.


Heilig-Bloedprocessie, Brugge

Photo, 2009 Smabs Sputzer


By plane, you can reach Bruges by landing at the airport Brussels-National, or Charleroi. By train, from the airport, and numerous European destinations, you can easily reach the Brugge train station.

The ceremony takes place along the streets of the center, easily accessible by public transport. From here, all the information to move around the city by public transport. Who wants to attend the Procession free, is invited to anticipate a couple of hours from the start of the show.


Here is the updated program of the 2019 Holy Blood Procession.

10: 30 - Morning procession. Kind of anticipation of the Procession of the Holy Blood itself. The relic will be placed in the sanctuary and at 10: 30 in point, the bell will ring.
11: 00 - Sint-Salvatorskathedraal. Solemn celebration by the bishop. The relic of the Holy Blood can be venerated until 13 hours.
14: 30 - Procession of the Holy Blood. Departure from Wollestraat, and passage of the parade along the various points of the route. The passage of the Procession takes just under 2 hours.
18: 00 - Closing ceremony. Blessing with the relic at the Bourg and finally at the Basilica of the Holy Blood.

Procession of the Holy Blood


The Procession of the Holy Blood passes through the streets of the historic center. You can watch for FREE when the show passes, wherever you want. Alternatively, the stands are set up in the main square, where you can watch the show sitting. In this case, you must purchase the appropriate ticket to reserve your numbered seat. The ticket costs 12,00 € for the grandstand and 4,00 € for the benches. Tickets can be purchased online from mid-March on the official website of the event.


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