Feast of San Joan

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Feast of San Joan in the Ciutadella of Minorca, 23 -25 June 2019

WHERE: Island of Menorca, Spain
WHEN: 23 - 25 June 2019

They say that Menorca encloses the soul and the most authentic spirit of the Balearics. Anyone who has doubts about this is invited to take a jump during the week between the 19 and the 25 June, on the occasion of the San Joan Festival.

You will be able to attend one of the most magical and spectacular festivals in the Mediterranean. You will see the splendid Ciutadella, historical capital of Menorca until the 18th century, literally transformed into a veritable apotheosis of music, dance and dance.

The Feast of San Joan has very ancient traditions, dating back to the distant 1300! At the time, we headed on a pilgrimage on horseback, to the small rural hermitage of Sant Joan de Missa, to honor the Patron Saint. And, precisely the horses and the riders, they are, today, an integral part of the life of Menorca.

The 23 and 24 June are the highlights of the festivities. On the streets and squares of the Ciutadella, competitions, parades, good food and, of course, rivers of Pomada, a traditional Menorcan drink based on gin and lemon, await you. During the Feast of San Joan, the summer solstice (this year, 21 June Friday at 17: 54) is celebrated, fertility and land.

It is a truly magical and marvelous party, which starts already from the Sunday before the 23 June, with the so-called Diumenge des Be. During the Sunday of the Montone, the start of the festivities is announced. A group of knights accompanies a warm man, dressed in lambskin. The man, with a ram on his shoulder, will have to walk the streets of Ciutadella, announcing the party.

Cavall Sant Joan Ciutadella, Feast of San Joan

Photo, 2011 Roser Goula



Ciutadella is located at the opposite end of the capital Mahon, more than 50 kilometers away. Throughout the year, the 14 Express bus connects the two towns in 45 '. Alternatively, the 1 bus carries out the same itinerary with travel times of about an hour. The ticket can be purchased directly on board the vehicle, at the cost of € 5,10 per person.

From Monday to Friday, on the 14 bus, the special bike transport service is available twice a day, at the cost of 2 €.

In the summer, from May to October, the 52 and 72 lines are also active from Ciutadella to Cala Galdana and San Tomàs (and vice versa). All info on connections and how to get around in Menorca, from this link.


There are so many shows you can watch during the San Joan 2019 Festival.

The 23 June, at 14: 00, begins at the home of the Caixer Senyor, the horse trail that continues, almost uninterruptedly, until the dawn of 25 June.

The evening of the 23 June, at 18: 00 around, do not miss the Caragol des Born. It is an extraordinary show with horses. Over the suggestive El Jaleo, the knights will make their horses dance in the crowd, to the rhythm of ancient folk songs. Insured show.

The next day, starting from the sunset, i await you Joc of the Pla de Sant Joan. These are incredible equestrian medieval games, in which the knights will show their skills.

I Bonfires and i fireworks sobre el mar (25 June, 23 hours: 00) represent the worthy conclusion of the spectacular San Joan Festival of Menorca.


Through this link, the best proposals to find accommodation in Ciutadella, and be at the center of the San Joan Festival. Obviously, finding facilities available at an economical price, in conjunction with the Festa, is quite complicated! Given the efficiency of public transport, sleeping in other areas of the island would be a ridiculous solution.

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