Onions Market

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Guide Onions Market, Bern, Monday 26 November 2018

DATA: November 26 2018
PLACE: Bern, Switzerland

That the onion could have beneficial properties is fairly well known. Among many things, it is good for the heart, bones, purifies and is a food suitable for diabetics. Of course, it is better not to abuse it, especially before a gallant meeting!
What could be the protagonist of a great party in Switzerland, dedicated to it, is, however, less known.

Every year, on the fourth Monday in November, the so-called Onion Market takes place in Bern, a major international fair dedicated to the famous vegetable. Over 50 tons of Onions are available in all tastes and sauces; from garlands, to braids, to real figures and onion sculptures!

The onion market is located in the upper part of the historical center of Bern, between the railway station and the Federal Square. You will find around a hundred stalls set up by the surrounding farmers, coming in particular from the district of Lake Friborg.

In addition to onions, you can buy winter vegetables, nuts and many other gastronomic products. There is also no lack of textiles, jewelry, ceramics and toys.

The program also includes a series of events and activities, including the Battle of Confetti, particularly loved by young people.

2017 Onion Market



Anyone wishing to use the plane should bear in mind the low level of direct airport connections. A valid solution can be the neighbor EuroAirport, international airport well connected to the main European and extra-European destinations.

From the EuroAirport, you reach Bern in about 80 minutes by Bus and Intercity and Eurocity trains.


The 2018 Onion Market starts at 06: 00 in the morning and ends at 18: 00.

The Battle of Confetti takes place at 16: 00


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