Midsommar Stockholm, 21 June 2019, the midsummer party

Midsommar Stockholm

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WHERE: Stockholm, Sweden
WHEN: June 21 2019

Midsommar Stockholm it is the so-called Midsummer Festival that is celebrated every year, in the Capital, during the Friday between the 20 and the 25 June. It is a recurrence felt to such an extent, to be equated with Christmas; maybe even more important !!
Man and nature are the two central elements of the party; letting go is the password. And in this, lies the essence of the whole party. A wonderful party focused on love.

Swedish midsummer Midsommar Stockholm

Photo, 2013 Håkan Dahlström

If you had to walk around Stockholm, the day before Midsummeryou will most likely notice the small female presence in the City. In fact, women are all intent on preparing traditional dishes to offer to men; from boiled new potatoes, to a whole series of pickled herring accompanied by a myriad of sauces (strictly aphrodisiac!). And, again, hard-boiled eggs, served cold with herbs, fresh beer and bottles of snaps. As a worthy conclusion, ripe strawberries accompanied by whipped cream.

And men? Well, the boys are busy building the Maypole, paying close attention to details and. above all, avoiding that the day of tradition can be broken or, worse still, sag. It would be almost inappropriate for the fertility symbol not to be "erect". But if this misfortune should happen, it does not matter. To the splendid Swedish maidens, the task of raising the Midsommarstång !!!

Midsommar Stockholm

Legend has it that on Christmas Eve, before returning home, girls and young women collect 7 different species of flowers to be stored under their own cushions; at night, their future husbands will appear in their dreams. Of course, for someone, a man in his bed could be really real!

And it will be, perhaps, for this enjoyment and partying atmosphere that can be felt at every corner, or, for the rivers of alcohol, that the greatest number of relationships are consumed on this day. They say that in Sweden, the largest number of unborn children is concentrated in March. Nine months later! Let yourself go ... in fact.

So all that remains is to wish a good Midsommar Stockholm to everyone. Who knows, reading this article, someone did not want to visit the beautiful Swedish capital.



The plane is the best way to reach the Swedish capital. Stockholm Arlanda International Airport is well connected, with direct flights, to major European and non-European destinations. From the airport, with the convenient and fast Airport Express train, you can reach the center in about 20 minutes. More info, from this link.


There is no specific place in the city where the party takes place; the important thing is that it is an outdoor place, a park or any point in the city. Skansen, a wonderful hilltop garden on the island of Djurgården, is a very popular location.
Wherever it is party. Wherever you will find people dancing, dancing, singing loudly, gulping and, above all, snaps Snaps, the typical Swedish aromatic grappa. All around the midsommarstång, one of the main symbols of midsommar; it is a large stake decorated with flowers, a symbol of love and fertility for the summer season.

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