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Feria del Caballo 2019 of Jerez de la Frontera: what to do and see

horse Fair

DATA: 11 - 18 May 2019
PLACE: Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

A land with strong traditions, where art, history and gastronomy go hand in hand. In Andalusia, in Jerez de la Frontera, an unmissable party awaits you in May, in a blaze of lights, colors and flavors.

Good food. So much wine and sangria. Dance and flamenco until late at night. So much fun and, at the center, the Purebred Spanish Horse. There horse Fair in fact, Jerez is an event focused on this wonderful animal.

Jerez, moreover, boasts an important equestrian tradition. Right here, in fact, is located the Fundación Real Escuela Andaluza Del Arte Ecuestre.

The atmospheres of the Feria del Caballo recall very closely those of the renowned Feria de Abril in Seville. Its popular festivals, lively and colorful, typical expression of Andalusia. At the Feria del Caballo, however, you will find fewer people and, above all, Casetas open to all visitors.

All this makes this party truly unique and unmissable.



Jerez can easily be reached via Seville. The international airport of Sevilla, it is the starting point coming from anywhere in Europe. The airport, in fact, is well connected with direct flights to the main cities and destinations.

From the central train station of Sevilla Santa Justa you can reach Jerez de la Frontera in about an hour by train.

Il Gonzalez Hontoria Park, the beating heart of the Feria del Caballo, is located not far from the center, easily accessible on foot, in about 20 minutes from the Station of Jerez.


Feria de Jerez

Photo, 2012 Uncle Fester

Even for the edition of the Feria del Caballo 2019, the program of events is going to be very busy.

The first Saturday, at 22: 00 on the dot, there will be the official way to the kermesse with El Alumbrado. This is the lighting ceremony of lighting, accompanied by an impressive fireworks display with fireworks and beautiful light installations.

Le Engaches represent another highlight of the event. A wonderful parade of vintage carriages. They will parade decorated carriages of different ages and nationalities, for the Park and along the streets of the city. Beautiful shows and choreography.

Le Casetas they are another highlight of the Fair. As mentioned, they are open to all visitors. You drink, you eat ... to the rhythm of flamenco. Great food, wine and lots of sherry. Not to be missed. On the official website


The Feria del Caballo is also an event dedicated to the family and the most pickaxe. A moment to share all together.

Fun guaranteed with Calle del Infierno - El Cacharritos. The name is misleading. What awaits you at the "Road of Hell" are attractions for everyone, games, skill tests. And, above all, many stalls with typical products, nougat, ice cream and many delicacies. Moreover, it is still a great fair!


Needless to try to find facilities in Jerez during this period. Virtually everywhere it's sold-out.

No problem, though. The alternatives are not lacking in the surrounding areas. In Cadiz and San Fernando, about 20 kilometers away, you will find good facilities at non-exorbitant prices.

The advice is to book well in advance, from this link.

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