Hafengeburtstag 2019, the Maritime Festival of May in Hamburg


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DATA: 10 - 12 May 2019
PLACE: Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is a truly fascinating and evocative city. Walking through the streets of the city, it appears evident, even to the eye of the most distracted visitor, that water is the predominant element. And, it is certainly not a coincidence that, right here, one finds the most important port in all of Germany.

This year, during the second weekend of May, the city dresses up to celebrate the anniversary of the Port. Hafengeburtstag is the most important maritime festival in the world. The celebrations take place in the Landungsbrücken area, in the Speicherstadt warehouse district, and along the new HafenCity district.

The festival originates in the distant 1189. The emperor Federico Barbarossa granted, with a special card, freedom from customs duties for all the ships that crossed the Elbe, from Hamburg to the North Sea. Since then, the date has remained indelibly carved into memory. Hence the birth of the Hafengeburtstag. It was, however, only at the end of the 70 years that the Festa took on its current connotation.

This year, we celebrate the 830 anniversary number of the Port. The Hafengeburtstag 2019 really promises to make its mark with truly unique events, shows and activities. You can admire luxury cruise ships, historic ships, military ships. And yet, incredible boats, luxurious yachts, tugs and more. The Maritime Festival is now a reference on the world scene. During the previous editions, the number of visitors has exceeded one million!



Hafengeburtstag 2017

Hamburg is well connected with the whole world, thanks to the presence of the international airport, not far from the center. Moreover, the airport is well connected to the city by an efficient public transport service. All info and direct links, they are available through our official section.

From the center, to reach the port, you can use the excellent metropolitan service. Just take the S-Bahn (S1 and S3 lines) or the U-Bahn (U1), and get off at the stop Landungsbrücken.


Three days of pure fun, and entertainment for everyone. The list of sea and land attractions is truly impressive. Below are the absolutely unmissable events.


The two large opening and closing parades are not to be missed. Friday 10 May, at 15: around 00, the arrival parade and the official opening ceremony of Hafengeburtstag 2019. Sunday 12, at the 16: 00, the closing parade. About 300 boats present. At the arrival parade, the boats will be greeted with the traditional greeting.

The official start to the event is the international ecumenical mass. It takes place in the beautiful Church of St. Michaelis, near the port. Appointment Friday, at 12: 00 in point. We start with the motto "Land in Sicht", or "Terrà in vista".


About 350 stands are ready to delight you, along the banks of the Elbe river, with gastronomic specialties from around the world. Maritime markets, activities and workshops, spaces for children, rides and much more. In addition, there will be lots of live music and FREE concerts ready to entertain you. The performances range from pop, to rock and even heavy metal! The whole promenade turns into a huge and huge party. Fun is guaranteed.

Appointment Friday and Saturday, from 10: 00 to 24: 00. Sunday, from 10: 00 to 21: 00.


Hamburg Maritime Festival

From the majestic Kruzenshtern, Mir, Sedov and Alexander von Humboldt II, to carefully restored museum ships, such as the Elbe and Holland sea tugs and the Borkumriff lighthouse. And, again, the Augusta frigate, the service ships of the inland waterway police, firefighters, customs and other authorities and institutions. You will be welcomed on board, to visit these fantastic boats. You will also have the opportunity to watch the parades on some barges and ships live. Really impressive.

AIDA cruises, sponsor of the event, will be present with 3 cruise ships, docked at the Port of Hamburg. The highlight will be the fireworks display on Saturday 11 at 22: 30. The AIDAperla will shine, beautifully illuminated.

Then there will be excitement with dragon boat races and sailing regattas at Grasbrookhafen.


Every year, it is the tradition of the Hafengeburtag, to host a partner country. The 2018 edition featured South Africa. This year, the leading role will be in the beautiful region of Southern France, Occitania. Among the various stands set up in the area, you can enjoy typical specialties and typical regional dishes.

A colorful and creative program, where visitors can get closer to the culture and traditions of Southern France.


Staying in the port area could be particularly problematic, booking close to the event. Quite limited availability, and really high prices. We recommend extending your search to the whole of Hamburg, considering the particular efficiency of local public transport. Our advice is to find a structure near the bus stops. Through this link, You can search for the best hotels in Hamburg at the best price.

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