Rose Petal at Five Petals 2019 in Cesky Krumlov. info and guide

Cesky Krumlov

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DATA: 21 - 23 June 2019
PLACE: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

The splendid medieval village of Cesky Krumlov hosts an extraordinary exhibition that will take you back to the era of the Renaissance and the lordship of the last of the Rosenbergs for three days.

La Five Petals Rose Festival it is a historical festival that, between evocative and fairytale atmospheres, will make you relive the past and meet the brave knights and nobles with blue blood. A traditional festival that dates back to the times of the noble family Rožmberk. As usual, during the month of June, during the three days of celebrations, 150 will be waiting for shows and programs on ten scenes in the historic center of the city.

Besides 700 people are involved in the Five Petals Rose Festival. An event that has always fascinated tourists and locals alike. From the 1990 to the 2016, over 450.000 visitors attended the festivities. Numbers destined to increase.

Cesky Krumlov Five-Petall Rose Festival

In the streets and squares of Cesky Krumlov, knights, merchants and many characters ready to challenge each other in tournaments and competitions will be on stage. There will be historical markets, live chess and a fantastic costume procession, with famous personalities linked to the city's history. And, again, historical programs, music, theater, historical dances, historical fencing, jugglers, falconers and fire shows. A really rich program for adults and children.

Cesky Krumlov is the perfect location to make the Five Petals Rose Festival truly magical.



The international airport of Prague-Ruzyne it is a little more distant than 160 km, and is well connected, with direct flights, with the main European and extra-European destinations.
Once landed, you have to add the center of Prague, from which the buses to Krumlov leave daily.

The excellent Czech Student Agency / Regiojet company is the best compromise between quality and price. The company connects, every hour, the city with the Capital with prices starting from 179CZK per adult (about 7 €). Up to 16 years, you pay the reduced rate of 50%. More info from here.


There are numerous events and celebrations for the Five Petal Rose Festival 2019. The theme of this edition will be: Renaissance Pastime - A meeting in Krumlov in the summer 1589 ac

For the three days of the festival, the beautiful is held in the great courtyard of the Cesky Krumlov Castle HISTORICAL MARKET. You will find around 130 stalls that display vintage merchandise and extraordinary specimens of historic crafts. From the 10: 00 to the 21: 00. Sunday, closing at 16: 00.

From 10: 00 in the morning, SVORNOSTI SQUARE hosts numerous shows and concerts of Gothic, medieval music, and much more. Right in the square, there is the arrival of the Historical costume procession, one of the most anticipated and heartfelt events of the Five Petals Rose Festival.

Shows and tournaments await you in the streets and squares of the city: ŠIROKÁ STREET, HRADEBNÍ STREET and at the Cesky Krumlov Monastery. Among the events not to be missed, the Tournament of the Knights "Tournament of roses", Which recalls the legend of the division of roses. Or, living chess with vivid figures on a chessboard 12 x 12 meters!

Shows, competitions, games and fun for the little ones at the BREWERY GARDEN gardens.

Finally, if you want, you can taste the traditional medieval dishes at RŮŽE HOTEL in HORNÍ STREET. At lunch or dinner, you can sit back and savor one historical menu for about 500CZK per person. Reservation required at the Ruze Hotel.

The complete and updated list of the 2018 Five Petals Rose Festival shows is available on the official website, from this link.

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